Kim's Birthday Celebration at WDW! 01/23-01/26/2011


Kim’s Birthday Celebration at WDW! 01/23-01/26/2011
I thought I would put this in with the Trip Reports so when I get back I can jump right in!!

I am very excited for this trip and I have a lot to celebrate!! First and foremost, I will be turning 33 and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Maybe its the two 3’s that excite me or just the stage I am at in my life- who knows! Secondly, for those of you that do not follow me on Facebook, I have lost 106 pounds in 2010- I am 15 pounds away from my goal.

So I am ready to CELEBRATE!!

Most of you know that I love camping at FW, but for this trip- because it is kinda or short- we have rented points and will be staying at WLV. We are wait listed for BLT and I am keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath on that one!!

So the plans are to leave bright and early on Sunday January 23rd.

We will have the Deluxe Dining Plan and I was hoping for a Signature each night, but I thought I would make everyone happy and throw a few of their favorites in. Sorry Dopey- I don’t think we match up anymore! :ohmy:

So here it goes…

January 23rd MAGIC KINGDOM
Lunch at Grand Floridian Cafe (I need to try that Burger with the Lobster!!)
Dinner at California Grill just before Fireworks so I hope we can be seated to watch them!

Breakfast at Ohana, just because I need to make sure I see some characters.
Dinner at Cape May’s Clam Bake- this is my DD’s pick- DH, DS and her put a hurting on their clams, me not so much but I love crab legs!!

January 25th EPCOT Day (My Birthday!!)
We will have a light breakfast before heading over to Epcot
Lunch at Teppan Edo
Dinner at Narcoossee’s just in time for fireworks once again!

January 26th: GET BACK TO REALITY DAY-DHS a.m. and then head to Epcot for lunch before heading home
Lunch at Biergarten- DH’s Favorite

I originally had the Chef’s Table at Victoria and Alberts booked for my birthday, but I have come to the realization that I can no longer eat that much food anymore…so I cancelled and that was SUCH A SAD CALL!!

I told my kids that all I want for my birthday is a great trip with no complaining, no fighting and no yelling!! That’s like asking for the world!!

I will start my trip report from here when I return!


Happy pre-Birthday. ADR’s sound great.


[QUOTE=johnkimv;1061654]I am very excited for this trip and I have a lot to celebrate!! for those of you that do not follow me on Facebook, I have lost 106 pounds in 2010- I am 15 pounds away from my goal.

Oh my word!!! I am so proud of you! That is a huge accomplishment to celebrate. Have a wonderful trip and a happy birthday. Good choice of ADR’s. One of these days I will get to Narcosse’s. Have fun!


[QUOTE=johnkimv;1061654]I have lost 106 pounds in 2010- I am 15 pounds away from my goal.

So I am ready to CELEBRATE!![/QUOTE]

WOW! That is fantastic! You totally deserve to celebrate! Happy early Birthday! :happy:


We need an after picture! That is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! Have a great trip!


You go girl! You are my idol! :happy: To bad we are going to miss each other this trip . . .


Congrats on both the BD plans AND more importantly, getting the weight goal. Keep it up because it only gets harder as you get older!!!


Congratulations on your accomplishment! I hope you have a wonderful celebration in WDW!


Wow, you worked hard losing the weight. Oh I am bummed about missing you. Maybe we’ll run into each other.
The 23rd is my birthday. When you devour that lobster burger, have a glass of bubbly on me :biggrin:

Have a wonderful trip


we will have breakfast at the GF Cafe on the 24th because at least once every trip I want my Lobster Eggs Benedict!!


oooh, that sounds DELISH!!


OMG Kim, 106 pounds. Congratulations, that’s fantastic. May I ask how you did it? I need to lose 50/60 pounds, but my heart is just not in it. Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday.


Wow! Happy Birthday and congrats on the weight loss! Your trip sounds fantastic!


Congratulations on the weight loss and Happy Birthday! DW shares the same day with you.


Oh my many congratulations on the weight loss, what a fantastic achievement- you must be so proud and pleased- well done to you.


I joined a program in S FL called Quick Weight Loss. I am not sure they have them where you are, but they do have an online version- I think.
Basically, they teach you portion control as well as teaching you to eat a well balanced diet of food that your body digests well. This is what worked for me. I learned what I can and cannot eat and I work well under those circumstances. I was ready- as with any weight loss program, your heart really has to be in it. I know that I can never go back to the way I ate before and it is comforting to know I did this and can keep it up!

Thanks for all the well wishes!


WOW!!! 106 pounds-that is something to celebrate!! Congratulations and Happy birthday!!


Your trip sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

Wonderful about the weight loss!! You are an inspiration, and I hope I can post something similar this time next year!

Happy Birthday and have a fabulous time!!


Sounds like you’ll have a GREAT birthday! Congratulations on the weight loss, that’s quite an accomplishment, it’s amazing what can be done when one has the right mind set.

Are you still running? I’ve stopped for now, the snow’s here and I can’t walk to the mail box without falling on my behind so I’m done until it melts (boy do I miss it).


Wow that is AWESOME on your weight loss, You Are Women Hear You Roar!
Have a great trip and a very Happy Birthday :happy: