Kind of a bittersweet time?


We are leaving Monday a.m. and I feel a little strange about it. As far as I can tell WDW fared pretty well (Iam assuming) but in some areas they were wiped out. Life and homes gone in an instant. And here we go on vacation? in the same general area? On the other hand we along with many, many others have been planing for some time for this trip. I suppose before we leave we can say some prayers for all those in misery and move on. We will enjoy ourselves, but this will be a strange trip!


I certainly understand your feelings. We were at WDW when Hurricane Andrew caused such destruction and we were also there on September 11, 2001, and to this day, I still find it hard to express my feelings about it. “Life goes on” seems so trite, but what is the alternative? Wanting to “get back to normal” is human nature. Prayers are never wasted. Compassion for others is never wasted. Yes, this trip will feel different, but it’s also a time to stop and count your blessings and to cherish the time you will spend with your family. Have a safe and happy vacation.


Well said, llama.


we leaving to on monday , and l think the same way
l dont no what we expected overthere

R :mickey: NALD


Keeping up the tourism in the Orlando area is a good thing to do especially in a time of tragedy. As llama said “prayers ae never wasted” so say a few when you are there.


Having experienced Andrew, I know that the towns that were hit by Charley will be affected for years. It takes a long time to rebuild. What the people need now is assistance. Contact the Red Cross or Salvation Army, they can tell you how you can help. I know they are looking for donations of a specific kind. We learned a lot with Andrew and now will put that knowledge to use. Even a few dollars can help.


I agree it is so hard to be so excited and devastated for the florida residents at the same time!!! Such a mixture of emotions!!!


I totally know how you feel. I live in Florida, near Tampa, and we were supposed to be hit hard but were lucky and got very little of the storm. We are leaving for WDW on Saturday morning. We didn’t know if our house would be around and we would have to cancel our trip or if WDW would be there. We are counting our blessings and hoping to have a good time even though there is so much devistation in Florida.


Try to enjoy your trip to the fullest!!! :mickey:


We started our vacation a few days after 9/11. It was hard. One minute you’re laughing having a great time, the next something reminds you of NYC and what was going on. I felt bad at times for having a good time, knowing so many were hurting and suffering. Prayers help, they help those in need and they help those saying them.


It is the best thing you can do for FL other than a donation. Keep the tourism up. They appreciate your tax dollars just as much as your cash donation.