Kingdom Hearts Attraction


Does anyone know if there is any Kingdom Hearts stuff or displays at any attraction anywhere in WDW? My DS is a big fan and would love to check it out while there for our upcoming trip.


I’ve never noticed any but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.


I hope there is somewhere.:angel: DS is really into the characters and would love to see something while we are there. I know that its really big with the gamers, I’m surprised they don’t have something somewhere.


I can honestly say no I haven’t seen anything. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything. They used to. I believe they do something with characters in past MNSSHPs. But I haven’t been to say from personal experience.


Sorry mm, there hasn’t been anything Kingdom Hearts other than meeting Sora as well as Donald and Goofy in their game costumes since '04. Although I really, REALLY wish they’d come back.

Here’s my pics of them.


other than buying a game at the gift shop, we saw nothing at all. My son is a KH nut as well and trust me we looked!


If you go to “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” at the Studios, it’s in one of the displays. Nothing major though. Just a poster, and a few action figures.