Kingdom Keepers Books


We came across this chapter book called Kingdom Keepers. It seemed like the coolest book for him. It is about 5 middle school aged kid who live in Orlando. They work part-time as “guides” at disney. Apparently, there are weird things happening at the disney parks and these kids are picked to find out what is going on. They are given clues and they have to go around the park to try and figure out where the clues are and what it all means. They have to figure it out so the “Overtakers” do not take over the parks and then the world. The book is very descriptive and the places they mention and talk about in the book are places we have gone and experienced for real. For example, in the book the boy says he goes to sit down on a bench that had a statue of Goofy sitting on it in front of Exhibition Hall. Last trip we took to disney my son sat in that exact same place. Every place they go in the parks we have been to. Alot of the story has to do with computer technology…holograms, computer imaging, etc. My son, even at 7 yrs old, is into that stuff so he understands to a point about what the book is referring to. I sit with my son every night and we take turns reading out loud.

There are two books…Kingdom Keepers:Disney After Dark, and Kingdom Keepers 2: Disney at Dawn. We are about half way through the first book.

Just thought I would let everyone know about these books. My son likes to read and finding a book that he looks forward to reading every night is great. I thought maybe others might enjoy the disney adventure.


If your son likes those, have him try Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians series. The first book is The Lightning Thief. They’re by Rick Riordan (39 Clues). My ds 12 loved the series.


We actually looked at the Last Olympians series. After we get through these Kingdom Keepers books we may start those.

Thanks for the info!


We too have enjoyed the Kingdom Keepers books. We found the first one at the Virgin Megastore in DTD on our trip in Spring 2008.
We loved it and I was so excited when, about a year ago, someone posted here on Mousebuzz about the second book about to be realeased. I immediately went out and got it and loved it too.
They are a great read, and especially fun for any Disney fan that can relate so well to the parks and places the kids visit in the books.


Thanks for posting this and reminding me about these books . . . m DD9 is now the perfect age and I need to get her something to read! :happy:


Thinking about doing the CD of the first book for our long drive…what do you think? Will it keep the attention of 10 and 12 yr olds?


Definitely, especially if they are Disney fans.

They were both fun to read, I am sure they would be equally fun to listen to.


Came across the first book at Borders in the 2.00 section. I really enjoyed it as well as the Percy Jackson books. I am 40 and loved them both . I have been trying to find something interesting ever since I read the last Harry Potter. Also Fable Haven is a good series.


Just bought the CD on Ebay…yay, that will be fun to listen to on our drive to Disney!


I’m definitely going to find these for my 10yo DS. He’s read the Last Olympians, also (well, he’s waiting anxiously for me to get him the last one). These books will have to be next in line after that one. He’s an avid reader, so I have trouble finding good things that he hasn’t already read!


Fable Haven? Who is the author and is it along the same line as Harry or Percy? Suitable for a 12 year old?


has he read InkHeart or The Thief lord? What about Charlie Bone or Dragon Rider?


[QUOTE=lovemysons;990118]Definitely, especially if they are Disney fans.

They were both fun to read, I am sure they would be equally fun to listen to.[/QUOTE]

We just got to the part where they went looking for the clue in It’s a Small World and Splash Mountain. My DS will never look at the dolls in Small World in the same way! lol
He was hysterical reading that part. And of course, now he wants to tackle Splash Mountain like a water slide! He cant wait to start the next chapter. He was begging to stay up late to continue but he had to go to bed.


I am quite intrigued myself… I have a 6 and 5 year old girl, we read chapter books together every day, would these be too old for them? It is ok if tehy are, I will just put them on a “future read List” but these have peaked my interest!


I have two books of Kingdom Keeper and I can’t wait the third of the Kingdom Keepers!


There will be five books total. They are trying to get this made into a movie as well. Anyway, I love them. I have the third book reserved at Amazon. It was originally coming out this month. It has since been pushed out until April next year. Can’t wait.


Yeah me too! I can’t wait to see the third of the Kingdom Keepers books and I hope this one is EPCOT!


It really depends. These books have a technical side to the story. A little about holograms, auto-animated mechanical figures, and computer servers stuff. I am sure though you could explain those parts of the story to them though.


I read the first book with my 2 older children last fall, and they loved it! We really want to read the second one, but I haven’t found it paperback yet. They will be so excited to know that there will be a third book.


I found both books, in paperback, at Waldenbooks. I am sure Barnes & Noble and Borders would have it also. We had a coupon for $5 off a kids book with the purchase of a kids book. We paid I think $13 for the two books.

Hope you find it!