Kingdom Keepers II


For those who have read Kingdom Keepers, I got a pre-order email from Amazon. Kingdom Keepers II: Disney At Dawn will be released on August 26, 2008. I knew there was another one planned but had not head anything before now.


Thanks for the information! Nice to see you:wub:


Anyone have Kingdom Keepers I they would like to sell?


May be a really dumb question, but what is Kingdom Keepers?


Never a dumb question here. Kingdom Keepers is a book written for children but enjoyed by adults as well. It isn’t up to the standard of Harry Potter but is a fast enjoyable read about some children that are virtual guides in Magic Kingdom. There is a bit of intrigue and lots of very accurate info about the inside workings at the parks. If you love Disney and like to read, you might want to take a look.


I can’t wait to get it in disney world next month!


Has anyone read Kingdom Keepers II yet? I am ready to buy it for my DD and I was wondering if it was as great as the first one.:wub:


Just can’t wait to read this book.


I just finished it. It’s really good, though not as good as the first one. I still :heart: it. As opposed to the first one, this one takes place in AK, whidh is kind of weird. All in all, I still loved it.


I just finish it last night. I enjoyed it as much as Kingdom Keeper I which I read last week. Since I a WDW addict I love the books and I 6.2 yrs old. (62 to you kids). Just remember that as you grow older it important not to act your age. (P.S. It will drive your kids insane)


i am going to have to get it this weekend … I forgot that it was being released with all the Twilight stuff going on .