Kingdom Keepers


Hey guys. Have any of y’all read the book "Kingdom Keepers?? I got it as a Christmas present and I was wondering what y’all thought about it.

To me, it seemed like it was written more for kids or young adults, but it was still pretty cool to read.


I started it yesterday and I’m halfway through it. My DH read it, and my DS11 read it. It is an easy, fast read. It’s entertaining so far, but not epic.


HB & I both read it…kind of cool. I agree, even though it is a ‘kids’ book, it was pretty entertaining. Especially when Malificent entered the picture.


It is written for kids, but there’s nothing wrong with that! :slight_smile:


Isn’t there another thread that talks about it? It sounded interesting, but I’ve got a stack of books to read already!


Yea, she’s kinda spooky… I’m not scared though… I could whoop her. :laugh:


Yea, I don’t have a problem with that…since I’m pretty much a big kid anyway… :biggrin:


If there was another thread, I apologize. I didn’t see it…


I just finished it awhile ago. I liked the beginning but began to lose interest about half way through. Still it was neat to read about places in the MK that we all love and to find out that those little dolls in IASW really are evil!


i wanted to know where i will get the kingdom keepers?:confused:


That book was a classroom assignment in school for my 6th grader! The entire class had to read it, and do several papers on it as they went through the book.


No need to apologize! I searched for the other thread and couldn’t find it, but I know I read about it somewhere! Maybe I’ve lost what was left of my mind, who knows!


It seems like a cool book, everytime I see it I keep meaning to pick it up but never do. Let me know what you think of it when you are done Dew.


I got it at Borders, it is written by Ridley Pearson.

It is a very easy read, it took me an hour or two to get through it. I did enjoy it though! Probably because its set in MK! I do recommend it, especially if you are Disney obsessed!


I am in the middle of it…PJ got it for me when I was having surgery:)…I can tell it is geared for little kids…but I am enjoying it!


I’ve finished it. It was pretty good. Like Twist said, it’s a very easy read, but enjoyable mainly because it’s set in WDW, and mostly in the MK.

I LOVED the part where they COMPLETELY and TOTALLY prove that the IASW dolls are evil. I’ve been preaching that for years, and now I have proof in a book that was approved by Disney itself… :biggrin:


thanks for the info i will get that book this weekend.:mickey: