Kingdom Keepers


This is a cute book, I read it for the first time two years ago, and picked it up again last night.

Do you guys think a 20-something who has never been to the parks would enjoy this book too? She only knows what I tell her/show her in pictures, etc.

I want to spread the Disney love without confusing others. Thanks! :blush:


Ehh… it might be a little confusing. And creep her out about it’s a small world.

But, you never know until you try!


Is she planning on going? If not, why??? :eek:


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic;1105624]Ehh… it might be a little confusing. And creep her out about it’s a small world.

But, you never know until you try![/QUOTE]

I agree.:happy: But then again Small World the ride creeps some people out too:laugh:

My 12 year old son read the books and said I should read them too, but I could not get into the 1st one:blink: but I am 40!:laugh:


It is rather simple literature. Fun for Disney fans, but she might feel like you’re insulting her intelligence if she doesn’t love Disney.


I’m planning on dragging her down when we both have money/pay off college! :wub: :pinch:

Thanks for the feedback, y’all. I’d definitely have the sense to warn her of the book’s youthful, simple nature, if I did offer it to her. I just thought it would be a cute thing for someone to read.

I picked it up again last night cause I needed something “fluffy”, as my mom calls it. :laugh:


I still need to read these books, I just keep forgetting to pick them up! Ooops!

I’m almost 25 and Small World has never stopped creeping me out!


I’m 66 and I love the books, but it’s a small world does creep me out abit. All I could think of after seeing the commerical for USPS with the clown was Iasw and the dolls coming after me as I rode thru it. But if you are a WDW addict like us you will love the books. The next one out next week.


I finally read the first one to get a Disney fix. I thought it was ok, don’t know if I will read the rest. The Small World thing did creep my out for sure.

I don’t know if I would like it if I had not been to Disney. Although maybe that is why I did not like it too much - I like my happy place not evil place.


Now I’m curious about these books.I have to pick them up.What is the title of the first book?Are they as interesting as the Harry Potter series?


Personally, I wouldn’t say so. You can tell the difference just by width. It’s been a while since I’ve read either, but I recall reading Kingdom Keepers just because it was about Disney World, having no real connection to the storyline besides that.

Right now, I’m stuck on the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s for children/young adults, too, but very addicting. I was intrigued to read after all of the movie craze - and finished it in a day! Now I’m halfway through the second. I find this much more entertaining than the Twilight saga. The writing is better than Twilight, but still rather amateur. I’m finding myself annoyed at the second book because they keep re-explaining everything we learned in the first. I don’t like books that insult the readers’ intelligence, but I’m addicted to the storyline.