King's Overdue 2nd Annual Labor Day Weekend TR


Sorry for taking so long folks…between the new PC setup and being sick, I just haven’t been in the fame of mind to get this done. No pictures for now (still getting my PC apps installed), once I get them uploaded, I will sprinkle the posts here and there.

And now, on with the show…

ME - Who did you think it would be, Sean Connery?
DW - Vanna (The greatest and most beautiful Disney trooper I know)

SKWAK & family

PARKS: Epcot & Magic Kingdom
RESORTS: Coronado Springs & Villas @ Wilderness Lodge


Friday Aug. 31…It’s 5am and I am rousing DW from bed, I of course could not sleep at all that night. Managed to get DW and the luggage packed in the ol’ Explorer by 5:30 and we were on the road after a quick fill up at the gas station @ 5:45.

The drive was thankfully uneventful. My usual MO for our trips is to listen to sports talk radio until we lose the signal and then switch over to Disney Classics CD’s that I have to get the mood really going and this trip was no different.

We pulled into the CSR check in parking lot around 9:45am and we knew right away that we weren’t in a value resort. The main lobby to CSR is grand; large and well lit with natural lighting. It is so different from the All-Stars/Pop that it seemed like a deluxe. Getting checked in was a breeze(I was 2nd in line) but I know it was just lucky timing because 15 minutes after we checked in, there was a LONG line. So after prying DW from the pressed coin machines, we went back to the car to drive over to the Cabanas building 9b. Once we got to our room, DW promptly passed out for a nap (I dont get it, I was the one who didn’t sleep while she slept most of the drive up) so I went exploring around the resort.

A resort review is forthcoming, but for the TR I must say that CSR is a very nicely laid out resort. The service, while overall was good, there were a couple CM’s who need to go to Mickey school of customer service. The theming is very nice and I love the lake that the resort surrounds; VERY peaceful. As I was walking around, I went by the Pepper Market and was able to purchase a CSR mug (I hate that they are discontinuing the different mugs for the one YOMD design) and when I walked out of the building, the fire alarm started blaring and the whole main building had to evacuate(I DIDN’T DO IT!) It was most likely a false alarm as I did not see anything burned, etc later on.

I made it back to the room and got DW up and we were ready to hit EPCOT!

Part 2 of Day 1 is coming soon…


I don’t mind delays. I’m happy to read another trip report! :happy:

Now that is funny… :laugh:

When I get to WDW, I think I will stay at CSR. I’ve only heard good reviews… :cool:


Sounds like fun so far. Nothing like starting a trip with a little excitement. Fire alarms qualify. Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) the rest…


oooh goody, another trip report. Good day today :biggrin:


Isn’t that always the case!!! :laugh: Look forward to reading the rest of your TR.


more, more, more!!!