Kittie's day trip to the lake


On Sunday, I went to the lake with some friends. But, I was in a bad mood, so DH put my stuffed bear in my purse to stow away for the trip. He told me I should take him and take pictures of his first road trip. So, this is what came of it.

DH- Jimmy
Me- Brandy
DH Friend 1- Patrick
DH Friend 2- Jonathan
Stuffed Bear- Beanie

Here’s the story told in pictures.


Looks like Beanie had a great time…I especially loved the sunbathing picture. Just too funny!


Soooooooooooooo Funny! I love it! Beanie has to go to Disney and meet Hoops and Yoyo!


This is hysterical. Great idea, I just spoke to Hoops & YoYo and they said they’d like to meet Beanie.


Hahah. I’m sure Beanie would love to go to WDW, but we’re a little indecisive of if he is in fact going or not. In fact, I think he may be a little jealous of Mickey. :laugh:


That was really cute! :wub: What a great way to entertain yourself on a road trip!