Knee injury question


I have a condition with my knee and a torn miniscus, What are the chances I can get a front to the line pass and how do I go about getting one. The vacation was booked and there is no turning back and disappointing the kids.



Front-of-the-line pass? There’s no such thing. You can get a GAC (guest assistance card) but even that won’t take you to the front of the line. You may get taken to an alternate entrance, but you still don’t get to the front of the line. Pretty much everyone waits their turn regardless of which line you’re in. I also have a torn miniscus which has already been repaired once, but I just wait in the lines like everyone else.


That’s what I thought. I just don’t want it to get worse before we go.



not sure how severe your injury is, but if walking ALL day will aggravate it you may want to consider a wheelchair. the regular push ones rent for about $10/day. the electric ones are $50/day unless you go through an outside company like APPLE SCOOTER. You won’t get to the front of every line, but at least you won’t be on your feet all day. Some rides have a separate handicap entrance that will cut a little time off your wait, but you will wait some. Have a wonderful trip


I plan to just walk as much as I can but just in case.


Well good luck with it. I do know though that they have a new surgical procedure for the torn Miniscus where they insert a tube into the knee and it lets blood into the area an it regenerates the miniscus not sure as to how many surgeons are doing this right now.


I just do not want it to ruin the kids vacation.


My dad had a knee injury the last time we went. He knew a lot of walking would aggravate it, so we borrowed a friend’s wheelchair to take with us just in case. It turned to be a lifesaver. By noon on the first day he was down for the count. We went to the room and got the wheelchair and it made it so much easier for him the rest of the week. It does get you to the front of some of the lines too. If you think it could get aggravated by walking, I would consider a wheelchair at least as a backup.


The only upside to recovering from a torn meniscus will be at the end of the night when you can collapse into a front gate wheelchair and ride it out to the bus station without guilty feelings. You’ll probably want to have a crutch with you as well.
I speak from experience.
Then again, I can also blame WDW for the torn meniscus in the first place.

It depends on how long it’s been since your surgery and rehabilitation. If it isn’t long, and you have a great deal of pain, I would not be so proud as to not rent a scooter.
But if you’re like me, 4 months later, you should be able to deal with walking with a crutch. (And guests will give you some deference if you’re using one crutch, maybe even more than if you’re in a scooter)


Using a ten dollar wheelchair rental won’t ruin the vacay for your kids. :happy: My brother and I grew up doing WDW with our wheelchair-bound gramma (she lost half a leg to cancer) and we still did ALOT of stuff just fine. If you can still walk from at least the wheelchair to the main attraction, I think you’re in business. (And your kids can get a free ride on your lap at the end of a long day. :cool: Thats what I did anyway, haha!)

Hope your injury is better soon, regardless!


I think they will allow you to grab a seat at the loading area while the young un’s wait in line. Then you can hobble over and join them when it’s your turn.


Having been to WDW this past December with cartilage torn away from the bone, more torn cartilage, and a bone spur that pinched the ACL (I knew it hurt and I had trouble walking but didn’t know the extent of the injury until three weeks later), wearing a good knee brace and walking slowly worked for us. It’s amazing how I didn’t even think about the pain and swelling at WDW (well, most of the time)! When I got home, now that’s a different story. But I iced it every time I was back at the resort, took ibuprofen, and didn’t let it get in the way of our enjoyment. Hang in there! And good luck.


When is your vacation? Is surgery scheduled? what condition with your knee? Why I ask is I have had 3 scopes on my knee(2 left, 1 right) and 1 each for torn miniscus and I was riding my stationary bike 2 days after and playing ball within 4 weeks. You should be fine walking around WDW depending on what other condition you have. My dr. always said to make sure to strengthen your muscles in your leg before surgery too so the recovery will go really well. Good luck!


I have a really bad knee, am in need of a replacement but won’t be able to get one for a few years… I would never think of getting a gac


Guess i’ll join the Bad Knee Club and add to it that my foot is literally screwed onto my leg. As painful as it is on a regular basis, for some reason once I hit Main Street the pain isn’t even noticed anymore. Magic I say, pure Magic!
I dealt with pain and swelling at night after we return to the room but a soak in the hot tub helps with that. Try that as well as ice if it gives you problems.


Another member of the bad knee club here…and I used a wheelchair last December. I learned, though, that some rides are just better if you ditch the wheelchair. If you enter the safari in a wheelchair, even if you can walk okay, you have to wait for the ‘special’ bus and they only had one ‘special’ bus. The no stairs route for toy story mania is also an extra long wait.


Take some plastic zip lock bags to the parks. Grab some ice from the stands and ice your knee down a couple of times a day (and, of course, at the end of the day too) to keep the inflammation down. We went to WDW several months prior to my repair surgery (yeah, I broke down and had it when I couldn’t dance very much at my son’s wedding), and I managed to make it through the trip by icing several times a day and taking Aleve.


Of course if you drink heavily, it won’t hurt so much.


LOL… or you won’t notice it


Now you tell me.