Kona Café..are reservations needed for breakfast?


Not sure if you CAN make them or is it just a walk in restaurant for breakfast??


You can make breakfast reservations for Kona Cafe. I would say that you probably should make them. Ohana’s is very popular and you may run into people eating at Kona that could not get into Ohana’s breakfast. The food is similar at both I believe. If for some reason you are there and dont have a reservation you still stand a pretty good chance of getting in, but why chance it. You can always cancel if you decide not to go.


I went to Kona for breakfast once - it was delicious!! We walked down to the beach and took the boat around to the resorts afterwards. It made for a wonderful morning! We had reservations for Kona and were seated almost as soon as we checked in at the podium.


Many days you can get in without and ADR but weekends and special event weeks best to have one.


I suggest you get one for breakfast. For lunch during normal or value seasons you can walk in without one. We alway eat there once or twice each time we go.


You know me, I make reservations for all meals, just to be sure.
And even when I do have reservations, I’ve often had to wait 10 minutes for a table for breakfast at Kona.


It never hurts to have an ADR. When we were at the Poly during the first week of December last year (value season), they were telling walk ups that it would be at least a 1 hour wait for a table and that was at 10:00 in the morning. If you really want breakfast there, make a reservation, you can always cancel.


It was busy every time I walked by last week (depends on the time of year that you go)…