Kona Cafe (dinner)


Has anyone been here for Dinner? How was it?


Very nice. It’s not at the top of Disney dining. The food is good. The atmosphere is nice. The service is satisfactory.

It’s not a “wow” kind of dining experience, but I would eat there again sometime.



We ate there many times and loved it. I love the macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi. And, oooo the dessers are yummy!!! The only drawback is it can get a little noisy, it is more open to the resort!

Hope this helps!


I would really like to try Kona on a future trip. The mahi mahi sounds heavenly.


Oh it is!! And the Banana Creme Brulee is to die for!!!


It was amazing! We were staying at the Poly in June 04 and missed our PS at Chef Mickey’s because our 15-month DD was still napping. It was pouring rain and we couldn’t get in anywhere else. How lucky were we? It was DELICIOUS!!!


Now you’re just being cruel. :sad:


:blush: ahhhh, sorry!!!

But it is really, really yummy!!! :tongue: :tongue:
I’m a big brulee fan and this one was #2 on our vacation. Foltons vanilla creme brulee was simply divine :frostyang ! And it was huge!! Bonus points for Foltons!!!

Ohhh, now I’ll be dreaming about brulee’s. :sleeping: :sleeping:


Last summer, DW and DD’s tried my Creme Brulet at Chefs in Epcot. I think I got two bites of it and that was the only dessert they wanted to order anywhere the rest of the trip. It is the WDW of desserts!


I’ve had dinner here twice and lunch once. Dinner was great both times. I think someone recommended the mahi mahi, and I second that recommendation. The teriaki beef was good too.

Lunch was not as great as dinner, but I think that was mostly due to some poor service.

And the open dessert kitchen basically makes it impossible to skip dessert! Also, try the pressed pot of Kona Coffee. So good, it is what made me a coffee drinker!


The next time my family and I stay at the Poly, we will have to try the Kona for dinner! Their breakfast was the BEST! (Tonga toast, and that pressed pot of Kona coffee that Karen mentioned!) :tongue:


It was excellent. We all enjoyed our meals, and dessert was wonderful.


The Kona Cafe is a terrific alternative if you don’t want to eat in the MK, and there food is very good. I especially like their breakfast. You normally can get a table too with little to no wait.


We had dinner at Kona in 2005 and will never go back. Our food was above average (the desserts were excellent), but our server was the worst we’ve ever had in a Disney-run establishment.

My review is in Disney Rate & Review here . Most of the reviews here are for breakfast.



thanks everyone! my mother-in-law saw the menu on allears and wants to go… we already have an adr for ohana’s and i wanted to see if it was worth it to go to the poly again for a meal!


I thought it was great! Joe


We have had breakfast & dinner there, and have been very pleased each time. Very good meals, scrumptious desserts, and with the exception of one slow waiter at one breakfast, the service has been excellent.


We’ve eaten breakfast there a couple times and ate lunch there the day Wilma came to visit. Can’t say about dinner, but I can’t see them doing bad at one meal and not the others. I’d say you won’t go wrong.


Fulton’s has moved on to milk chocolate creme brulee. You also need to try Narcoossee’s key lime creme brulee, Spoodle’s vanilla bean creme brulee, and le Cellier’s maple creme brulee. A couple years ago, all my deserts were creme brulee.