Kona Cafe - Give your opinions!


Our next trip is going to be all about trying new restaurants so I read the Kona Cafe dinner menu on allears and it sounds so yummy! Is it good? What about the kiddos, will they like it? Bring on the opinions!


I LOVE Kona!

My friend and I tried it on a whim while we were staying at the Poly, and we ended up eating there several more times during our trip! There are some good choice to please even picky eaters, and the food is just GOOD. :wub:


We love this place. It is a must try. You will love it.
Atmosphere is great.


Try it, you’ll like it.


I have been wanting to try their Tonga Toast but we always end up at O’hana for breakfast. Can you get Tonga Toast to go???


We loved Kona Cafe, both the food and service were excellent. My son liked teh fries!


You can also get Tonga Toast in the food court area–cheaper and to go.


We absoulutely enjoyed it- it was a great environment, awesome service and the food was absolutely yummy! Worth breaking a diet for!


Now that is the best thing a teacher has ever taught me:laugh: ! I never knew that you could get it there! Thanks for the info!


Never ate dinner there - but breakfast is a must for us. We love the atmosphere of Kona. It’s the kind of place where it seems that the staff have been there forever, and just treats you in such a relaxed, friendly way. It’s a great way to start your day.

We’re thinking of trying it for dinner this trip. If the dinner is as good as the breakfast - it’ll be great.


This is on our list for next time to try! We have been reading so many great things about it- we HAVE to try it!


We had dinner there, it was marvelous. My husband got some type of duck appetizer and the kids loved it. Everyone had an excellent meal. kids are 11, 9, and 7. I highly recommend it, food was terrific. Maybe we’ll try breakfast there next time.


Love it! Especially for dinner. The desserts are unbelievable as well!


I really enjoyed Kona. I had the pleasure of having both breakfast and dinner there over Thanksgiving. The food and the service were excellent.
Tonga toast is yummy!! And th pork chop with the pomegrante bbq sauce was divine!!
Da boyz liked it too even though they are teenagers and will eat most anything with tomato sauce and cheese on it!:laugh:


My family loves Kona it is so good!!!


Its always on our Disney “to do” list. Its a nice place to go to escape the crowds and have a very good meal.


We have never had dinner there, but we have had breakfast there. It was very good. Would definitely try it.


We love this place the last time we were at WDW we stayed at the Poly and all but two mornings of a 8 day trip we had breakfast there. We also have eaten there alot for lunch on our many trips there.


I’ve never been there but I’ve seen a lot of great reviews in TR’s recently for both breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


:laugh: The best part is it’s under $5.00!!