Kona's for breakfest...YAH or NAH?


What do you think? We are considering it for our first morning before we head out to MGM . My DS saw the Donald breakfest platter on the menu and has been asking to go there.

Is the food good? And are reservations really needed for an early breakfest ?


The food is very good and I would highly recommend it. I would definitely make an adr. If you can’t get one then keep calling.


Yes!!! The food is great! You can’t beat the Tonga toast!!!
We went last September and the place was empty (we had an adr) but I’d make one just to be sure!


Shrimp omelet!
You can order it off menu.



We don’t keep too many family traditions at WDW but our one MUST is a breakfast at KONA - usually to start or finish our trip. Absolutely delicious food served in the nicest atmosphere at Disney - the staff and servers seem to have been there forever and are wonderful! And it’s the only place to try Tonga Toast! (everything else is delicious too!)


We haven’t had breakfast at Kona but dinner was amazing!! I have had Tonga Toast before…and oh my gosh…it was heavenly. :wub:
But yes…make an ADR just in case.


kona is always where we have breakfast on our last day of our trip. that coffee rocks!!!


Oh, yeah.

It’s a requirement for us no matter WHERE we are staying at WDW.


It is a must. We stayed at the poly last time and all but one breakfast was there. Excellent place to eat.


Never had breakfast, but ate there for the first time recently, and it was awesome. I would DEFINITELY eat breakfast there on my next trip.


That’s what we do, too! We love their breakfast!


Macadamia Nut Pancakes - yummo!!!

Definately go to Kona and make and ADR just in case!

P.S. I heard you can get Tonga Toast at Captain Cooks too - does anyone know if this is true?


This is totally true–this is where I got mine from.


I’ve been meaning to try this for breakfast for years - I say go for it!


YAH, absolutely. (Has anyone mentioned the macadamia pancakes yet?) It’s a popular place for breakfast, so do make sure to get an ADR.


YES! my favorite place for breakfast…Really great coffee


My 12 year old son loves it. The Kona is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. YUMMY!


We’re poop (paying out of pocket) :laugh: for a breakfast in Kona in september.

Everyone talked me into it with all the Tonga Toast talk


I don’t know about breakfast, but we definitely will try it next year. Dinner, however, was AWESOME! In fact, I would say that it was probably the best I have ever had. It is definitely on our list for next time!!!


Kona Cafe is my favorite breakfast in WDW. I LOVE the Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes. I crave them throughout the year and try to recreate them at home…somehow they just aren’t the same:huh: :frown: . I think you will love it. It’s a great choice.