Kronk's New Groove


My sweet Cubby gave it to me as one of my Christmas presents and we are watching it tonight! Has anyone else seen it?



We are waiting for the review :mickey:


I love Kronk - I was a little skeptical about buying the DVD though because I have been burned by sequels before (ie: The Little Mermaid II :blow: ). David - I know you will be honest so give us a review so we can decide to buy or not to buy! :wub:


Oh cool… I didn’t realize this had come out yet. You gotta tell us how it is… I’m sure I’ll buy it anyway though… :wink:


Make sure you let us know how it is David!


Too late to watch it tonight but we are aiming for tomorrow!! :slight_smile:


Yes, that is what I think. I LOVE the emperor’s new groove, besides 101 dalmatians that is my favorite movie. But, I haven’t been to impressed with disney’s newest sequels, like tarzan 2 and ones like that. I just love the orignals because they are just disney classics. :frostyang



Well, as some of you know Kronk is my future husband and I am obsessed with him!!!
I got Kronk’s New Groove for Christmas and watched it right away and I LOVED IT!!!

I laughed SOoooooo hard so many times throughout! I saw it with my 2 and half ye old nephew and he lved it too. It has a lot of jokes from the first one carried on and some new ones that are just hilarious! I don’t want to spoil any of the jokes for David or anyone else, but I highly recommend renting it.

I mean, it wasn’t in-theater-quality. But it is the perfect evening with some homemade popcorn in front of the telly, and I frankly was laughing the whole time :biggrin:


Are you biased because you’re gonna marry Kronk, or was it really that good? :biggrin:


I’m not gonna lie to you, I may be a bit biased :happy:


I’m proud of you for telling the truth. You should stick up for your…uh…man… HA!


I have not had a chance to watch it, but my kids loved it and they have watched it a few times already.


My DS got it for Christmas (9). I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but he loved it!! Thought it was really funny.


Home sick from work today so hopefully this will cheer us up.


No, I haven’t and have been wanting to. Is is good? I haven’t been able to find the darn thing in the stores either. Where did he get it?


I gotta see the original


I loved the Original and I think I’ll have to buy this one. Cronk is one of my favorite cartoon characters.


Still have not seen it. Aiming for tonight. :blush:

No idea where the cub got it. (It was a Christmas present, after all!)

Yes, Kronk is a favorite of mine as well. No facial hair, alas, but he is quite cute despite that. :laugh:

loved the bit with the spinach puffs in the original movie


I printed out the recipe for Spinach Puffs on hee hee
I’ve yet to make them though :tongue:


oh the spinach puffs and the DRINKS…riiiiight…