KSA Kick Off or Pop Warner Crowds?


I keep hearing horror stories of being at WDW when Pop Warner is going on. Is that the same thing as the KSA Kick Off Classic? KSA will be going on the day we arrive (Aug 25, 2011) and two days afterward, I’m a little worried. Anyone been there during the KSA? :confused: :blink:


I don’t have an answer for you but I thought I would bump this up in case someone else can help you.


Pop Warner takes place the first week in December. KSA happens through August 27. KSA is High School age kids with some younger ones while Pop Warner is all younger kids. KSA is also spread out over three weekends. I don’t think there are as many involved in KSA at one time but there will be a spike in teenagers at that point.


Also: I was there during Pop Warner once and I didn’t even know it until we discovered DS closed early one evening. No problems, light crowds.


I think it will be most noticeable if you are at a value resort. Which is where we will be for the second weekend of KSA. :eek:


My first three days are KSA days and I’m at POP, which is super close to Wide World Of Sports. Hopefully it won’t bother us too much.

Thanks for the bump DisneyTeacher! Much appreciated!


They usually stick the sports teams at All-Stars. Unless they differ this round you should be good.


fingers crossed :mickey:


We have been at WDW during the Pop Warner days, and you really don’t notice it in the parks, but, you do notice them at the resorts. We stayed at POR one year, and the food courts were always jammed with them, and then one year at POFQ, we had a rowdy bunch staying in our building, which made for some not so nice evenings.