L o s t 04/05/06



Did anyone see how hard Jin was chuckling while Hurley was beating on Sawyer? :rolleyes:

My question to Lil’ is who HASN’T hit Sawyer in the past two months (Island time)?


So did Henry lie to Locke about the button?

On the one hand, how can you trust anything Henry says. On the other hand, I didn’t think he had enough time to get through the vent last episode.


I have to admit. I was lost through most of the episode… :ph34r:


I’m sure you all saw it coming but I was shocked when we found out Dave doesn’t exist - Don’t want to spoil it for the West Coasters! I thought overall a good episode - I was so psyched (he, he) about the very last scene - when we found out who Libby was - I was so wrong about her!


Libby may be who she claims. Afterall, we don’t know anything about why she was a patient. She could be a psycologist who went nuts.

BUT…why was she on the plane? Could she be a Hurley stalker? She’s seemed pretty normal so far.


Awesome ending!!! OOOO the whole “Libby is really a crazy patient” thing. Makes you you go hmmmm.

I don’t know what “Henry” has planned.

Good question Cavey, who hasn’t hit Sawyer, LOL


I just want to take the opportunity to say I was totally right about Libby!


I didn’t see it coming either. But I really do want to know how Hurley is keeping from losing any weight in all this time on the island…


oh wow that was a crazy crazy show!! i didn’t see that coming at all.

well hurley is ALWAYS eating so i guess he doesn’t have the chance to lose any weight. Oh this show keeps gettign more and more confusing


oooooo - I didn’t even think about Libby being a Hurley Stalker! :ninja:


oh my this show was good I kept thinking Dave was imaginary . he just didnt seem right never seeing him eat and stuff like that

I was laughing so hard when Hurley beat up sawyer and I saw Jin laughing so hard that part was so funny I think its because they all have so much fun on set that it just fell into the taping

so now we know why Libby looks Familiar to Hurley because she was with him ( I thought she was going to be a doctor at the hospital but not a patient )

Oh and no one discussed this yet alot of speculation was this show was going to be Hurleys dream I guess the writers heard about this and did this show that you might think its his dream but its not


Good show. So many turns. If you got up during a commercial break and came back you could miss something. And what about ‘Henry’? He said the guy with the beard wasn’t the leader…and God doesn’t even known where the island is…
Next week’s episode looks real good, they want to trade ‘Henry’ for Walt; looks pretty intense. And where is Michael? May be we will see him in the next episode.


Now that I have missed 2 weeks in a row and the DVR on my cable box is not working (of course I found that out last night when I got home and tried to watch it. Now I have to wait until next Sat. for tehm to come out and switch out boxes.) I am so lost with LOST. Hopefully they will play some reruns soon and I will not be lost any more.


Watch your TV listings. Last Saturday night ABC replayed the Thursday episode. They may very well do it again.


The numbers again. Last night we were told that the deck that collapsed with Hurley was designed to hold only 8 people but since it had 23 on it, it collapsed. I know that they are just trying to put the numbers out there, but a deck that was designed to only hold 8 people would be very small.


We’ve lightly discussed LOST being in Hurley’s mind. But I think the overall consesus is that that has to be the dumbest idea. I doubt they’ll rip something huge like that from another/infamous show.

I love how everyone was right, to some extent, about Libby. We knew she had something to do with the hospital. And most of us thought she was a patient - and possibly therapist turned patient.

And Hurley’s lost some weight. He probably has a very slow metabolism. When you’re working against that - it’s difficult.


I love this show! I really like how the writers put things into the show to respond to viewers speculations like with the “dream” possibility. I will admit it gave me a bit of a chill when we saw Libby.


to anyone who is completely lost about whats going on on LOST, the episodes are for sale on itunes for $1.99
Its a good way to keep up with the episodes you miss


Did anyone notice Henry’s face in the preview for next week? He looked so creepy - it reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. :eek:


Every week I dislike Locke a little bit more…he’s got major control issues!