L o s t 11-23-05


Well, the show is half over, and I’ve never liked Anna-Lucia less.


So what did we think?


I, of course liked it. :happy: And I, of course, teared up in the end when Rose and hubby were reunited and when Sayid carried Shannon away. :crying: I was also glad that Ana Lucia seemed to have a heart - I was getting sick her and was wishing someone would push her off a cliff. Now that we know her past I can be a little more tolorable…don’t agree with killing the guy that shot her -very un-cop like, but, whatever - it’s TV. Brought us a little closure on some issues.


Has a heart???:huh:

Psycho nut job???

She wanted Sayid to kill her rather than face her guilt. She tortured the guy in the pit, killed Shannon in cold blood, and then almost killed Sayid.

I admire Sayid’s response, but I had hoped she had just slipped into the jungle and disappeared.


I guess because I am a woman (mother) I sympathized with the fact that she lost her baby and that apparently sent her into a downward spiral.


I am still watching it so I guess I shouldn’t be reading this thread. But so far so good. I knew her story was coming so there it is. Why is she so mean?


cavey I am with you 100% …
it was good and I did cry when Rose and her husband were re-united …


Let’s not confine the pain of losing a child to the mother. A father’s grief is just as real.

Anyway, as a cop, she should have known you don’t shoot until you have a clear knowledge of your target. And nothing in her past justified what she did to the group.


Cavey - obviously I’m not confining the loss of a child to anyone inparticular. I was justifying my statement for why Ana Lucia was such a mess. I never said anything about a father here, there or otherwise!!! I was simply giving my good ol’ opinion…of a TV character…plain and simple :tongue:


I thought

  • Ana Lucia still sucks. I felt terrible for her for a split second, and then she shot the guy. She had the chance to have him locked up (she could of IDed him) but didn’t.

She gets off on the whole cat and mouse thing. I don’t like that in a person. She’s a game player. It’s terrible that she was pregnant. I think that’s so sad, but she’s out of control when she has power. She has a hair trigger with her temper. I find her totally unlikable.

-It was so wonderful when Rose and Bernard reunited. I cried like a baby.

What HAPPENED at the END?!?

Was Sawyer dead? Did he pull Kate down to him and it scared her?

I need my Cincster to tell me what he knows!!!


What was the whole deal in the end when they said “you think you know about this woman’s past, but you don’t” regarding Kate? Sawyer and Kate have some connection I think and we will find out next week, hopefully. I hope Sawyer’s not dead - like him a lot. I guess I’m just drawn to the bad guys for some reason. Maybe because they make shows FUN to watch!!! :laugh:


Sawyer’s not dead. He’ll recover.

I do feel sympathy for Ana Lucia. I agree, she has seriously psychological issues, but loss does crazy things to people. I too got all teary-eyed when Rose and Bernard were reunited. I was so happy that we got to see that!:wub:

I’m glad the show is finally getting good again.


nods :happy:

I still don’t like Ana Lucia. She has total power issues - can’t handle others in control (her mom/Capt), and she takes it too far herself. I don’t like that they made her a Police Officer - she puts that whole field in a negative image. But I guess her partner balanced it out a bit. And she seeks revenge way too much. I was ready for Michael to backhand her when he was taking water to Sayid.

And still… Eko = :wub:


Just to give my two cents, not that is even worth that.
But my opinion of Anna has softened.
Let me be the first to openly admit that if anyone ever would harm my child in that/and or any way, I would have no problem shooting them in cold blood. (this is not to start controversy, but to acknowledge her grief) I think her remorse is over losing the baby, not killing that scum. Mabey she did she not know that she was prego and that is why she was still on patrol?


I also hate Ana lucia but it did show how she became the way she is I kept calling her psycho the whole show . I also cried at the end when the Bernard saw Rose and when Jin saw Sun I also started crying when Kate helped Sawyer give him meds Jack could even tell she cared about him . My thinking is Ana Lucia and Jack are going to get together ( I hope not but it might be that way )


… still haven’t seen the show … :eek:


Me neither. I tried, after Cavey started to talk about it here, and all the reviews were so good, but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe the one I watched was the one episode that I should not have watched, but I couln’t care less about any of the characters that night.


I missed the show last night. Hopefully I will be able to catch a rerun before too long.


Good show…

I really like Eko… I cannot wait to see his backstory unfold. He and Locke are my favorite characters at the moment. Oddly enough, when Eko and Locke met up I could not help but remember the words “one is black and one is white” from way back when Locke and Walt were playing backgammon. I hope those two do some cool things together, because they seem to have filled similar roles for the two groups. They seem to be men of “faith”…

Anna Lucia has serious issues, no matter what the cause is. She has some obvious leader-like qualities, but she has some tremendous flaws. I like the tension she brings to the show.

Rose and Bernard! YAY! I have been waiting for that for a long time!

And I cannot wait for next week! It looks like a good one… I saw the preview after the episode was done, but yesterday I went and watched the preview again online but I got the Canadian tv preview version which makes me want to watch the next episode even more! Oh my… Looks like a good one coming up!


A L is nuts … and I just do not like her and no matter her back story … I so agree with you about Locke and Eko. I really like Eko more then Locke.

Even if she did lose a baby … the one is ice … even if she did say she was going to get those kids to their mom … I just do not like her.