L o s t 12-7-05


Okay, it was a rerun, but it raised a question…

Potato chips go stale. A number of food items Hurley had would have gone bad within months, let a lone years.

So, is this a slip up by the producers, OR had Desmond’s stash been resupplied???


Hmmm, good observation. Now we have to wonder.


I have to wonder when the heck we’re getting a new episode. Some time in January I think? Anyone know?


Yep! January something or another…near the beginning of January.


2nd Wesnesday in January. 1 week after the Rose Bowl.


Does anyone else remember when a new season started when we went back to school and then we had new eps until sometime in May? Am I that old?


I was just thinking about that. I don’t ever remember getting 4 new episodes, and then having to wait 7 years for another.


I remember we might have a week or two during the holidays when all the specials were on, but then we had new eps!! And NO sweeps!! LOL!! Aah yes, back in the day!


No, we didn’t get new episodes through May. They would start the season in the fall. Run the complete 24 week season (with holiday specials interrupting), and then be in reruns for the rest of the year.

I kind of perfer this method. Waiting 5 weeks, is a lot less painful than waiting 24.


I had a similar thought when we originally watched it- that there just wasn’t enough room for food for all of the time Desmond had been there (and would supposedly remain there), that he would have to have been resupplied.



If I am LOST in a jungle of mystery I will take the stale chips over papaya again. :wink:


THE DREW CAREY SHOW! I finally remembered why I recognized Libby on Lost. She was on the Drew Carey Show its final couple of seasons. It has been driving me crazy trying to place her.


Thanks Cosmic!! You were not the only one going crazy over that! :tongue:


Was she Drew’s girlfriend?! - the blonde one, not Kate. I vaguely remember her - and an episode where she either gained a lot of weight, or lost a lot? Or maybe she was big, then lost it, and was still with him? :confused:
I’ve seen her in other stuff, but didn’t even place her with Drew Carey.


Yes, she played Drew’s girlfriend after Kate left the show.


No, she wasn’t that girlfriend.

She directly replaced Kate, as Drew’s love interest. I THINK they got married and had a baby. But by then the show was no longer worth watching. So I’m not sure.

But many is she toooooo skinny.