L o s t 4/5/05


I’m putting this here in Mouse Trap since this Disney-owned show can’t be discussed by those without 100 posts.

Tonight’s LOST was incredible! I told DW last week that Locke was going to be caught in his lie, but…WOW!

So is Jack still married? That makes his relationship with Kate interesting.

Boone was not my favorite character, but Shannon should feel nothing but guilt for the way she treated him all his life!


I missed half of it… :mad:

I did Tivo it, so I’ll catch up later.

What is Locke’s lie?


It was a good show tonight. I was wondering where tonights LOST thread was!


He said last week that Boone fell off a cliff.

Spoiler in white font (highlight to read):

Boone told Jack about the hatch and the plane. But he didn’t make much sense in his talking. Jack said the injuries did not indicate a fall, but being crushed [we know by the plane. Jack doesn’t].

At the end of the show:

Jack: “Boone didn’t die. He was murdered.”
Kate: “Where are you going?”
Jack: “To find John Locke.”

Previews of upcoming weeks show a manhunt for Locke, including Syiad holding a gun to Locke’s head AND what may be Locke being shot???


Thanks CJ. I saw the last part, but missed the middle.


how do you do that, the white font i mean.? :blink:


oh my it was a good show I thought for a minute Boone might live when Jack wanted to cut his leg off but Boone wanted to just go . I see that this is turning into a Lord of the flies theme to me It also said our questions would be answered by season end but I doubt it thats the way they will have us coming back next season


Right city, wrong colors. NY team is Blue and Orange. Go Mets!


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I cant stand the Door Mats ( thats what my daddy called them when he was alive )


I still do not think Jack and Sarah got married. We never heard them pronounced man and wife. Jack had promised Rose he would stay with her until her husband came back she told him she was “letting him off the hook”. Jack told Boone he would not let him die. Boone said I am “Letting you off the hook”. I can’t help but wonder if Sarah let him off the hook as well.

Since we know the survivors have crossed paths with each other prior to the crash, I wonder if Boone’s Bridal Co. did the wedding for Jack and Sarah.

I also wonder what Claire will name her baby, maybe Boone who knows. What I do know is that I would not let Walt any where near that baby.


hahaha…liked the comment about walt…

Good points there…interesting…
I hope Claire does name the baby after Boone…

I was thinking…do you think Boone will come back as a ghost or something…I mean he didn’t even make it through one season…I was surprised when they killed him off!


I am sure we will see him again. How many times have we seen Jack’s dad and he has been dead the whole time. We also haven’t seen Shannon’s flashback, and I am sure they will not leave us hanging about the Nanny Teresa and her death. :wink:


Yeah…I hope not…and I also hope they don’t kill Locke next time…he knows the secret of the island I think and he is one of my favorite characters…even though he is shady…

Was anyone else surprised to see Sawyer smiling when Claire brought her baby to the camp…I guess little ones have amazing power over anyone! hehehe


I would hate to raise a baby out there.

Her shirt had “44” , it should have been “42”.


I am amazed that the baby came out just fine…I mean what with the plane crash and the kidnapping!!!


I just saw the actor that plays Boone on Regis & Kelly this morning talking about his leaving the show for good. He is doing a few movies and is involved in some other projects…I missed part of the interview, but it sounded like he was done for good from the show. He was “thanking everyone for the opportunity to be on the show and was going to miss it”…but hey…you never know…they are always suprising us! :wink:


OH NO!!! i hope he doesn’t leave…besides the whole “loving my sister” thing…I liked his character a lot!!!


OK lets all keep in mind that this was his step sister. Not a blood relative. I am still not completely ok with that and for those who might be reading this and do not watch the show (like anyone does not watch this show) lets not gross them out.

As for Sarah’s Shirt reading 44. Not sure what that was for. Could be a play on the numbers. 4+4=8 4X4=16. Not sure but we will have two weeks of re-runs to think about it.


See, I feel for the show to stay compelling, characters have to face consequences. They are on an island with surreal events, main characters have to die.

I hate how Star Trek can’t let a character stay dead, but have to bring them back via time travel and such.

Speaking of Star Trek, remember a few months ago when Boone compared himself to a “red shirt?” Locke talked about p***-poor leadership allowing that to happen. Now that’s interesting!

And has anyone noticed how after a month, Shannon is the only one on the island who looks neat and pretty? Her hair is fixed. Her make-up is perfect. She’s never sweaty, and her clothes are clean and pressed. There’s a character I could see go!!!


What does Shannon ever do around the Island to get dirty. When she wanted a shelter she had Siad help her build it. I bet she has a stash of make up and hair care products.

I do like how they showed us Jack shaving in the last eppisode. I was wondering about that. Also, when is Hurely going to lose some weight. I don’t think even Domino’s delivers to this island.