L O S T - Push the button?


In light of the latest episode of LOST, which was aptly titled “?”, would you continue pushing the button??? :huh:

DISCUSS!!! :wink:


As for me, well I have a feeling that we will soon see what happens when naughty airplane crash survivors do not push the button like they are supposed to do!!! :wink:

Eko sure seems to be convinced of the need to push the button… I just wonder where Locke stands now… :huh:


This show has me so confused. What’s up with Michael? Why is Eko a fake priest? What the heck is going on with Hurley, his dead girlfriend, and the mental institute? Is anyone else as confused as I am?


I am so done with the button … stop pushing the stupid button !!!


Forget the stupid button!


Forget the button!!!


Ditch the button. Enjoy the sunshine.


Wouldn’t push it, but would still have someone else do it just in case. :tongue:


It seems that all the other hatches have been abandoned. Why was “the swan” hatch the only one still in operation? If all of this is nothing more than an elaborate experiment, then the button doesn’t need to be pushed. For me, about all the clues suggest that the button is part of some behavioral experiment. Except that there is an electromagnet sealed up behind the wall. I don’t know. My “better safe than sorry” side says keep pushing the button.


Button… there’s a button?


We really don’t know what’s up with Michael, he has either made a deal with the others to get Walt back, or else he’s just insane.
Eko was a drug lord and his brother was a priest, his brother was shot and he was mistaken for him and just went with it. Although it seems he has come to embrace it now.
Hurley thought he remembered Libby from somewhere, he still hasn’t remembered but she was a mental patient at the same hospital as him.


Thanks. I had missed a couple of episodes, which is really bad with this show. The ABC website has old episodes on it, so I’m catching up.


All you button haters are gonna eat crow! I just know it!!! Even if all signs point to the button being a silly experiment! :tongue: Don’t fall for the trickery!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

THE BUTTON IS IMPORTANT… I just know it… Errrr… It has got to be!!! Uhhhh… YEAH! So how can you beat that bulletproof argument you closed minded men and women of science!!!

:tongue: :wink:

Men and women of faith RULE!!! :happy:


ok …calm down GF … it will be ok …you can push the button if it makes you happy



Anyone else remember Pucky Duck from the cartoon The Animaniacs, the little green duck with the small child’s voice??? Well, I am like Plucky when he is on an elevator…

I wanna push the button! Not you push the button! I wanna push the button! Elelator go down!



I say “Push the button.” Even though it is 100% likely they are still being watched, it is always better to not let others (or “The Others”) know what you know. It gives you a heads up!


You will learn more about Michael in the next show.


Heehee! I love having an “insider”! You’re the best Cincy!


Yeah, Michael gets his chance in the spotlight… YAY! Maybe we will get a better idea of Michael’s whacko motivations to gun folks down and let Others go free??? :huh:


Sorry Goof Father - lets stop pushing the button and see what happens… :confused: