La Cantina de San Angel


or Love Bug Apocalypse

Ok so we finally got some time to head down over to EPCOT and try out La Cantina de San Angel after it’s rehab.

Let me start by wondering if there are anymore Love Bugs left in existence. I think I just cleaned every Love Bug known to man from my front window and bumper. Lucky for me I still have the power washer, unlucky for me those are tough bugs and it really didn’t get them all off. Lucky for me I read about wet drier sheets on a MB forum. Unlucky for me now I have to wax my car. (love bugs? more like horny car destroying bugs…)

Ok so how was La Cantina? In a word, GREAT. The food is the same fair but 100% better. We both had beef tacos. They give you 3 with shredded beef (not ground), slice of lime, good handful of chips, and fresh pico de gallo. The beef was a little greasy but had a great flavor. It was nice to get such a fresh meal at a counter service. Looking around, the other dishes looked just as good and fresh. We were both very happy with the improvement in the food. Now saying that I don’t think it was worth the price. If I was there on vacation on the dinning plan I might go back but for what we paid I can go to a really nice upscale Mexican restaurant just up I-4 (if you want to know what that is I will post it) and have a much much nicer meal.

The new dinning areas are great. Disney did a great job. We loved sitting on the water front patio (nice cool breeze). The inside looks great as well. We just poked our heads in. Disney did a really great time with how they rebuilt the dinning (even looking back into the kitchen looked fab).

I don’t know how good either dinning area would be for watching illuminations. This is a big downside to the rehab in my book. It takes up a lot of water front with no good unobstructed view. If you are right up on the rail maybe but with how it is built even there you are going to not have access to 180 degrees of the show. On the edges it is down (I would guess) below 45 degrees and if you are back from the rail just a few feet the ceiling will inhibit seeing anything but what is on the water.

I think that over all this rehab is a great rehab. Disney is really raising the bar with the restaurant rehabs at EPCOT.


Thanks for the report Tigger, looking forward to seeing it and trying it next August!:happy:


I am glad to hear that it is good. I love Mexican food and the San Angel Inn has been so hit or miss over the years. Some days the food has just been excellent and then there are times I have had to send something back because it was still frozen in the middle.


Just a reminder, starting Oct. 15 you should have an ADR for the new restaurant on the water front “LaHacienda de San Angel”. They are allowing walk ups right now. Here’s a link:
La Hacienda de San Angel & La Cantina de San Angel (The ?World? According to Jack)


Glad to hear that you enjoyed La Cantina de San Angel - thanks for the info!


Love the burrito’s, usually take some home.


Ha! I just wrote my Day 2 trip report, and talked, no… Raved about this place! They are great!


Err, wait, no. I at at La Hacienda de San Angel. Oops.