La Hacienda de St. Angel


Thoughts? Reviews? My dd is a vegetarian and I noticed that they have a vegetarian menu. We’re not fans of St. Angel Inn, so we’ve been hesitant to try La Hacienda. I’d like to hear what others think.


We ate there a few weeks ago and had an enjoyable meal. I’m not sure I would say its on our short list and we’re going back next time but the food was good and the service was very good. Mike and I split one of the meals for two and it was really good, I didn’t want to stop eating. I loved the veggies and black beans that came with it as much as the meats. Everything seemed fresh, it didn’t look or taste like it had been sitting around waiting for us.


We ate there in March and really enjoyed it. Of course, we were eating meat. We split the “Del Mar” and “La Hacienda” meals for two - really good food and a light, airy atmosphere (as opposed to the dark, somewhat loud surroundings in San Angel). It’s on our list of restaurants to return to.


Thanks for the replies - I think we’ll give it a try - actually, the vegetarian menu looks pretty good…but I won’t be dining off it.


Woo-hoo! GO CARNIVORES! :laugh:




My friend LOVEs this place…have never been, but the way she talks about it, makes me want to go. I say go for it!


Ok…dumb question…is this one fairly new? Is it outside the pavilion? I know where La Cantina is…but not this one…It sounds like the food might be better than San Angel…


Yes, it’s relatively new (in the past two years, I think) and is beside the cantina, overlooking the lagoon.


Ahhh Ok…thanks…we haven’t been in 3 1/2 years so I’ll have to check it out this visit…


Yes, I believe it opened a couple years ago. We ate at the CS side, and it was very good. Big portions, which my boys always love. Haven’t eaten on the TS side, but I’ve heard great things about it. The atmosphere and location are good also:


Ohhh…so it looks like the small cantina that was there was rolled into a place that’s a restaurant and bar as well. Thanks for the pictures.