La Nouba dilemma


…I like the sound of that. It rhymes…oh yeah, I’m good. :cool:

ANYHOW. I’m in a pickle, or at least for now, mostly because I lack information. See I really want to get my mom tix to see Cirque d’Soleil for our Dec trip; she expressed interest in this as her only Christmas present and she’d be happy. (Knowing my pops he will of course buy her more crap but thats another bunny trail!)

I have thought about it for a few days and I have no problem dishing out the money for three of us (me mom and dad) sitting in the middle-range seats. My problem is how to pay for them and when, and still keep it a secret! I have no credit card, my atm card only doubles as a debit. Do they accept checks? I’m thinking this needs to be paid for asap so they’re not sold out for a certain night?

I’m such a kid, I sort of thought I could just waltz up to the ticket counter and just hand them 300 bucks in cash, quarters and fives etc. :laugh:

There’s always the option of spoiling the surprise for at least my dad, which would probably be my only option if they had to have a credit card payment. The problem with this is that I’m not even sure he’d want to go, and secondly if he paid for the tix he probably wouldn’t let me pay him back in full if at all and I really want this to be a gift FROM me, not just in thought alone.

Help is much appreciated. :wub:


See if you can Fedex (overnight) a money order. That’s just one day longer than a credit card.


Oooh…I could do that. If I knew how to actually DO one. :laugh:

My mom worked at a bank for a long time, I don’t think it would be suspicious to ask how that works, and she loves imparting me with financial (banking) wisdom.

And I love accepting it when it comes to balancing my checkbook. I am such a baby.

Has anyone tried a money order before to get La Nouba tix?


Always remember if your card shows a visa or MC logo you can use it as a credit card if you already have money in your account. When they ask what you are paying with just answer with the logo on your card and then give the account number…debit or credit they don’t care they just want to get paid!


My card doesn’t, at least not yet. My mom was asking about that for a bit once and ago… So all I need is the logo and money in my checking account? (Tis what my debit card takes out of.)


Assuming they take money orders…getting one is easy.

Just go the Post Office with your cash and tell them how much you want the money order for. They charge you a little (less than a dollar, I think) and they print it out for you. You fill it out like a check and send it on…(actually you can even buy a MO with your debit card at the PO - using your PIN, of course).

I don’t, however, know if you can order LaNouba tickets this way. Just give the ticket line a call and ask. I’ve never seen a debit card that wouldn’t also run as “credit” – but I don’t claim to have seen it all! :wink:


You can even go to most large supermarkets, like Walmart, Albertsons, etc.


I was just gonna say that! They’re actually CHEAPER at Walmart, too!


Wow, really? Supermarkets in the Orlando area, I’m assuming? Problem is that right now I have no car and regretably no liscence.


Screever, can you find a friend with a credit or checking card to make the reservations and just give them the money?


or have them take you there to pay for the tix…you live relatively close, correct?


Screeves, call the box office and ask them for advice, too. I’ll bet you’re not the first to have this great idea.


Yes, I am sure they have run into this before. Give them a call. Sounds like a nice present!


I’m totally rethinking this now…mostly because we’d have only 2 nights of doing nothing and we’re all about relaxing. And my dad’s bedtime is at 8 pm. Plus, I don’t even know if the man WANTS to go, and there’s no way to find out. If I ask him about it, he’ll jump the gun and want to spoil me, “oh YES absolutely, I’ll get tickets!” no matter how much I’ll try to sway him. Hmm. When do these shows tend to start? How long do they run?

And I had that idea too, gingles. I might ask my brother to help me out though.

And I live in Maryland/Georgia, Maelae. Depending on when I’m in school.


The show is only about 90 minutes long, shorter than most Cirque du Soleil shows.

I think this show could still constitute as relaxing, because it’s kind of like going to see a really fantastic movie. And since it won’t take up your whole night, you still have time to chill.

I can’t find the showtimes, but I know we attended the 9:00…so you’d probably want to go to the earlier one.


Okay I found the showtimes for you!

Tuesday thru Saturday at 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. So you could still be back at the resort close to Dad’s bedtime if you went to the 6 o’clock show. :laugh:

Oh, and just for reference these are the 2006 dates when La Nouba is “dark”:
– January 22 to 30
– March 26 to 28
– May 21 to June 5
– July 30 to August 1
– September 17 to 25
– November 19 to 21


Dark? As in may not be suitable for kids under a certain age or stuff my mom might not like? She had expressed that at one point after watching some Cirque on the tv a while ago, some european humor she didn’t find enticing. Gotta love moms, lol.

Thanks for the showtimes Dznygrl!


Maybe “dark” means not showing? :confused:


Oh sorry, I meant to put a definition with that…“dark” for a show means it’s not running during those times. It’s on hiatus, I guess.

Haha I’m not so sure my mom would be thrilled about Cirque either. It doesn’t seem like it would be her cup of tea. But there’s really nothing about this show that’s not family-friendly. I think it’s purposely different from other Cirque shows since it’s located in Disney World.

Oh you’re welcome for the showtimes! Good ol’…I couldn’t live without that website, I find everything there!


Ah…allears. I keep forgetting about that, though someone directed me there for answers to my q’s about MVMCP. My mom and I read testimonials about that for at least 20 or 30 minutes, it really got her fired up. X)