La Nouba Photography Question


Is there any photography allowed at all in La Nouba? thanks


If I remember correctly you are not allowed to take pictures.


Nope. I saw them ask politely once for a camera phone to be put away. The second time they escorted the person out and he came back a few minutes later. He told his DW they said he could go back in if he left it at security until after the show. They were very polite and very strict about the policy.


Nope. I got busted, too. I swore they said no FLASH photography in the beginning so I took a couple of pics without flash. They came over and asked me to put my camera away.


No pictures at all. You won’t want to take any anyway when you’re there! Trust me! We were kinda bummed since we went to go to a lot of trouble to empty our memory card that day (forgot to empty to the laptop the night before and had to have all our pics put on a disc at a DTD store). But, once the show started, we realized there was NO way we would have enjoyed it as much if we’d been trying to take pics the whole time. There’s just TOO much to see!!! Plus, it’s a safety hazard for the performers if they’ve got flashes going off while they’re doing their stunts.


No pics. :sad: We were actually told when we bought tickets at the box office that we should leave our cameras behind and not even bring them to the show, because we wouldn’t be allowed to use them.


Yeah it’s a bummer that we can’t take pictures and I really really wanted pictures to remember the show so I had to settle to buying the souvenir book from the gift shop. I’m glad I did because it’s got really great photos in it!


When we went to La Nouba I didn’t even think of taking pics. I was way too busy trying to keep up with the action in front of me. It was an amazing production and I have seen a lot of it on television to remind me of what was going on. Don’t worry about the camera and enjoy the experience.


Nope no pictures allowed I’m afraid! I can understand why though, no matter how many times you tell people not to use the flash, someone always does, then because they do, somebody else does and it goes on an on! With some of the stunts those acrobats perform, theyd be at risk with the flashing!


I agree, especially with a camera like a canon elf style that we have, it is so easy to forget to turn the flash off. It would be dangerous for the performers. I can’t wait to see the show, it’s gonna be amazing!