La Nouba question


Does anyone know what the appropriate dress code is for the La Nouba shows?

Greg surprised me with tickets for one of the nights while we are on our trip next week.

I know we have dinner planned at the Whispering Canyon that evening and then we are going to a 9pm show. I want to make sure we are dressed appropriately.



When we went a year and a half ago the dress was mostly casual. There were some people in their Sunday best and some pretty dressed down, but generally it was mostly casual. It’s a great show! Enjoy!


we had the same experience. Shorts, polo shirts - but nice

You will love that show. I will never forget it.


What a great surprise Brandon! You are going to love La Nouba. That show got us hooked on all of the Cirque shows.

I notice that La Nouba has a wide range of dress, as Smee said. I’d recommend casual, though. There were also people there in shorts, which my kids thought was odd, since we always make a big night out of it (collared shirts and khakis for them)


When we ahve gone we go casual. You will enjoy the show it is great.


Leave the beer helmet and the “I’m with STOOOPPIDD” shirt in the hotel.


We dressed up a little better than park attire- but still pretty casual clothing. I scrapped the crocs, and sported some awesome heels with my capri pants and comfy but cute top. My DH and DS wore khaki shorts and polo shirts. There were people dressed up more than us, and lots of people in park clothing. You really can’t go wrong no matter what you wear. Sometimes it’s just fun to get dressed up and make it a special occasion.

You will love the show!!! It is spectacular!!


:laugh: :laugh: a wise decision


I assume at least some people have shorts and t-shirts?


Like everyone else says, pretty casual wear. I wore a nice pair of jeans and a shirt (I think is pretty) with a black jacket, and that was it. Nothing too sparkly though.


I’ve gone 3 times with different friends & Daniel. Each time we’ve been we have seen a wide variety of dress. There were always couple obviously out on a date with women wearing dresses & men wearing more casual suits, your typical tourists in shorts & t-shirts, and then the majority was “casual nice.” I think the last time we went Daniel wore a collared Polo shirt with khakis and I wore a skirt with a casual shirt. I think whatever you feel comfortable with. I don’t think you’ll feel out of place either way.


Well, we are finally getting some new shirts which aren’t Disney t-shirts… :laugh:


Definitely a mix of dress, but “casual nice” should do the trick, IMO.
You are going to love it! La Nouba rocks.