La Nouba--Surprising My DD's


Like a lot of you, we typically end our trip with a night in MK, the best place to say good bye to WDW!

However, after all my planning, I’ve discovered that MK closes early on Friday, Sept. 8 for the “Night of Joy”:blush: , so we’ll do our MK farewell on Thursday night.

So what to do for Friday? I splurged and bought tickets for Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba. We’ve been wanting to do this but never have.

And this will be a surprise for DD’s 1 and 2. So don’t tell them.:ph34r:

I have read and heard this show is awesome or maybe better than that.



Very true. It’s amazing.


I have never been to it. I am anxious to hear what you think. I think when me and DD take our nice long trip next summer, we are going to squeeze that in finally.


Yes, we have put it off the last 2 or 3 trips mainly because it’s soooo expensive! But, as we’re getting a week of free food and staying at a value (Pop), I figured we could spring for it this time. Watch for my TR!:smile:


The show is terrific and you will not be disappointed. We went last month and my daughter (14) and niece (16) both loved it. The tickets are a little high, but after going it was definitely worth the cost.


I have been throwing around the idea of going on our next trip. We havent decided yet though. I would love too.


You are going to absolutely love every second of La Nouba:biggrin: From the minute the lights dim, to the grand finale and encore after encore, you will be in awe.

We went in 2005 and again in 2006 and had medium priced tickets both times. Our seats were great. Where are your seats?

Be sure to get there 30 minutes before show time (even a little earlier). They let you in, show you to your seats, then you’ll have time to get refreshments and get seated before the “pre-show” starts. There are no intermissions. The performers and music will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

I guess you know by now, DH, me, and 2 DSs (6 & 13) just loved La Nouba. I know you will, too. Well worth the price of the tickets, and what a great way to end your vacation.


You’ll love the show! It is NOT a Circus. From the start, there is non-stop action from all over the stage. There are no bad seats since it’s a theater-in-the-round. It is thoroughly enchanting!


la nouba is amazing. they will have agreat time


You couldn’t have made a better choice! :happy: (<—I am beaming with happiness for you!)

We chose to do La Nouba on the last night of our 2003 trip, and it was a great decision! After all of the sadness of leaving the parks, we still had an awesome night of entertainment ahead of us…it really helped take our minds off of leaving, and was MUCH better than heading back to the resort to face the music of packing! :pinch:

You guys will have a blast! :biggrin:


Thanks for the advice! WE got the medium price seats. They’re in 205 which is I believe the second level right of center. They should be good. I’m excited!


Its one of my favorite cirque productions. Your kids will be entertained. I have a 4 year old gymnast that cried when it was over and begged me to take her back. My 6 year old dancer liked it but asked if we could go back to vegas to see KA again because she couldnt decide which one was her favorite.

The show is very fast paced. Its worth every penny.


I’ve been in the entertainment business for 30 years now. Cirque du Soliel are about the only thing I’ll drop money for anymore. I’ve seen la Nouba 4 times. OK, the tix were part of our Disney package, but never mind that. I’ve also seen Varikai, Quidom, and Alegria and paid good money for them. Go, you’ll enjoy it, and so will the rest of the family.


I paid $100 per seat to see “O” at Bellagio and thought it was worth every penny!!! Truly AMAZING. I’d love to see La Nouba one of these trips…:happy:


I am so happy to hear all of these positive thoughts/experiences on La Nouba. We’re also going to see it for the first time in December. I really hesitated because of the price of tix but I’m excited about it now!
Gingles, I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Enjoy the show!!


this is the only one that i have seen live. we went the first night of our honeymoon, and i was amazed at what they do…