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I have a language arts project (but it’s not due until January 10th). We have to pick a famous person that gave a speech. We need to include the speech, a short summary of the speech, a critique of the speech,a biography of the person, and a self-made puppet of the person. For extra credit: we can find a video of the person giving the speech.

So, I picked Walt Disney. I want to use the speech thing he said when Disneyland first opened. Any help of finding a video of him giving the speech, and a word-for-word link to what he exactly said? I have a book that can help me with the biography.

Thank you!!!:happy::happy::happy:


search,disney land opening day…many you tube videos


Thank you!!! I’ll look right now:happy:


Oh what a wonderful and exciting project. That sounds like so much fun. You’ll have to share it with us once you’ve finished.


Steamboat Lily,

We did a Walt Disney project last year in preparation of our trip to WDW and one of the best resources we found was a DVD called Walt: The Man Behind the Myth. Netflix has it if you are a member. Here is the link.

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I believe the speech is on the DVD. It certainly was an informative Documentary on Walt’s life from childhood through his death.

Keep us updated on how your project goes!


The link above only brings you to the page if you are a Netflix Member.


I’m Steamboat Lily’s mom, and when she started talking to me about this project, I told her we should ask on MB. You have given her some great tips, just like I knew you would! Thank you, MB friends!