Lactose Intolerance at Disney?


i’m lactose intolerant, but absolutely love ice cream/those great mickey head ice cream bars (and am well aware of the consequences, lol). i know there’s tons places throughout wdw that have ice cream… but i haven’t been there in a few years and was wondering if anyone knows if there are frozen yogurt places now? it’s the lesser of two evils for me, and no one can clearly expect anyone to go through the park without some frozen novelty… thanks :wink:


This is what I could find for you on, follow the link:

Special Diets - Other Guest Experiences

Disney is very accomodating, if you call the WDW Dine phone number they will make the notation on all your dining reservations and they will offere alternatives for certain items.

Iam not really sure what there is out there in terms of “no dairy” ice cream. Oh wait!!! Read through the different comments there is something there about yogurt of some kind!

If you ask when you call WDW Dine, maybe they will be more helpful too.


I was having trouble with my stomach on our last WDW trip (It ended up being gallbladder issues after months of nausea.), so I was searching for non-dairy options. I quizzed the CMs at Aloha Isle about the Dole Whips, and they have no milk in them. Do some more inquiring about that, but that was my experience. It didn’t bother me, and Dole Whips are so yummy!


I believe the Edy’s ice cream store on Main Street at MK has Sherbert. Not sure what’s in it, but maybe that’s an alternative.


I can only tolerate a little bit of dairy. I do use lactaid tablets which help. I discovered the chocolate covered bananas. I LOVE THEM and wish I could eat them year round.


They have two options… one has ice cream in it, and the other is plain pineapple. I lke the plain one better, anyway!


i read on another site about these dole whips! they sound so good! and sherbert is always a plus! i can never find it anywhere i go. i feel like after i turned 5 everywhere stopped serving sherbert, haha.


Dole Whips, Dole Whips!!! They are definitely lactose free and YUMMMY!


Wow! That is great news about the Pineapple Dole Whips! My husband is lactose intolerant and misses out on the Mickey Ice Creams bars so now he’ll have an alternative!



I am lactose intolerant and couldn’t eat pizza or ice cream without having issues. Soooo, my nephew who is also lactose intolerant told me about taking dairy digestive supplement from Wal Mart when you take your first bite and guess what–NO Problems. I have been doing this for over a year. They come in individual little packet and you just stick them in your purse or pocket and if you are somewhere and want to eat those kinds of foods --when you take the first bite just take the tablet. No more missing out!!!