Ladies, shoe help please


So over the past few years, I’ve really noticed how many people are hitting the parks in their flip flops:ohmy:. I’ve always been afraid of how bad my feet would feel by the middle of the day so I end up in tennis shoes the entire trip-yuck. Don’t get me wrong, my feet are comfy but certainly not cute. More than anything, I think I saw more Fit Flops last year, so how are they? They’re a little pricey so I don’t want to invest $50+ in flip flops if I can’t wear them instead of sneakers in the parks…anyone have any reccomendations/warnings??


good question… I am a tennis shoe wearer. Nothing worse than sore feet at WDW… It would ruin every step that you take… not worth the risk for me…


I recently became a believer of Crocs. I have really bad feet, just walking around in the grocery store sucks for me. I have planters fasciitis so I have to wear comfortable shoes if I want to go home after a long day at the parks without crying.

I bought the Malindi ones for my trip last time, I found them so comfortable that I bought the Disney flip flop ones while we were in Epcot.

I am a believer now. They are no longer clunky and clog like, they’re so cute with SO many cute styles.


I love, love, LOVE Keens! KEEN Footwear - Mobile


I would not get the “fit flops”…seriously biggest load of crap ever. Whoever bought into that nonsense, sorry for my opinion, but any company that advertises that a certain sneaker or flip flop takes the place of going to the gym is stupid.

That being said, I great flip flop that is comfy and won’t eat your feet are the Adidas OR Nike foam fit flops. They are about $28 and worth every single penny.


Well I would suggest Teva’s or Nike’s Comfort Thong or any of their Comfort line for that matter.


I am a serious Teva MUSH lover~ I live in them during the summer, just haven’t been brave enough to try them at the parks…:confused:


The first year I wore sneakers, but way too hot! Now I wear flip-flops but, I wear them ALL the time so I’m used to them.
I love “REEF’s” they are a little pricy but very comfy and well made.


I alternate days with sneakers and Reef flip-flops. I’ve tried both a ton of times and it seems like my feet always end up hurting if I wear either one for more than one day at a time. I’ve worn Crocs (Mary Janes) before, but they gave me blisters. Foamy Reefs are the best flip-flops I’ve found.


[QUOTE=Dana;1032950]I would not get the “fit flops”…seriously biggest load of crap ever. Whoever bought into that nonsense, sorry for my opinion, but any company that advertises that a certain sneaker or flip flop takes the place of going to the gym is stupid.

That being said, I great flip flop that is comfy and won’t eat your feet are the Adidas OR Nike foam fit flops. They are about $28 and worth every single penny.[/QUOTE]

agreed that is what MissSMIG wears most of the time.


I love flops, but cannot go all day in the parks with them no matter how comfortable they are. I break it up to let my feet breathe a bit. I wear sneakers in the AM when I do my commando touring and tend to wear a flop at night when we are just going at it slow and chilling out at the parks. At least this way it gives me a way to test how my feet will react to the flops doing hard core walking without making me stop my touring. My DD wears flops the entire time…she wears, like me, the nike or adidas ones I mentioned in the post above.


I am not a fan of flip flops in the parks. It just seems that your feet are so darn vulnerable to - well - the DIRT of parks, of people backing up and stepping on your feet, stubbing toes… Flip flops are for the resort, not the parks.

Gotta say I love Keens, love Tevas - but most of all I love my Joseph Seibel walking shoes - so what if I had to sell my first born to buy them - they’re worth it. Geox makes a great walking/sneaker kind of style - I bought some for walking in Greece and they are really comfortable.


I’m not a fan of anything other than sneakers at the parks for the same reasons llama mentioned. Though I will say my then 3 yr old wore her sandals all day for 4 days at WDW in 08. Go figure that she’d be ok in a pair of Cherokee sandals? She kept whining about her Nikes hurting her feet before we left for the trip. So we brought them anyways, but she never touched them.

I bought some new Nike’s a month or so ago & love them, I might buy a different color before we go to use as backup. This trip though, the kids all must wear sneakers. Especially since I won’t have a stroller to push people away from them.

New Nikes that are awesome

Nike White / Vivid Pink Women’s Torch 4 Shoe


I’ve never had fit flops, before. I’m not a big fan of flip-flops, anyway… something about the flopping, idk. But I got sick of seeing pictures of me in WDW ruined by athletic shoes. My nikes just didn’t go with my outfits… so I started wearing sandals to the parks. My favorites to wear are my gladiators, which have a secure strap around the ankle and don’t go in between the toe. I’ve worn sandals my past three trips to WDW, which haven’t been longer than four days at a time, so idk how it would be to go a week wearing sandals. I walk in sandals alot, though… I wore sandals for 7 days in Vegas, and I was fine (well, I do recall my feet hurting a little towards the end of the trip… as a lady, I have already begun to sacrifice my comfort for fashion :pinch: :laugh:)


I just bought some of those Croc sandals and am wondering how I will do with them in Disney. I love how they feel here, and am not worried about blisters or anything, but am wondering about whether or not they make your feet sweat when it is hot out. Anyone with experience?


Yes, I wore my Crocs at the park one day and will never do it again. They are black, and it was unbelievable how hot my feet got. It felt like I was getting sunburn on them. I always wear gym shoes now. Fashion or function. Comfort is more important to me.


That’s a good idea- we also tend to power through in the am then go at a more calm pace in the evening so maybe that would work…My kids all wear their sneakers except DD4, she’s in the stroller most of the time so no worries about the walking & besides, she’s very fashion conscience already:blink: so her shoes HAVE to match her outfit:ohmy: (I know, I know, I’ve created a monster!!)


LittleMiss, You are a girl after my own heart!! I can’t stand all the pics ruined by my sneakers (I have very large feet -sz 10- so put them in sneakers & I look like I have the feet of a forward in the NBA!)…maybe I’ll do a test run in sandals or flops on my next full shopping day ~ & yes, as we get older, we ladies (especially those of us who tend to be a little more diva-ish!) will absolutely sacrifice comfort for fashion:wub: Nothing worse than Ugly Shoes!!


I wear Reef flip flops and Bear Trap sandals they are both REALLY comfy! I had a pair of Columbias that I wore through and couldn’t find another pair. I like alot of cushion on the bottoms of my feet though. Otherwise it feels like the pavement is hitting your feet at every step. I usually bring two pair just in case my feet hurt.
Happy walking! LOL!


Since all I wear are jean shorts or khaki shorts and t’s, Nikes in a pic don’t bother me. Though I am divaish about the condition. If they look like poo they don’t go. :laugh:

But…usually I’m the one taking the pics, so there are no worries really about shoes, clothes, etc. Besides, by 2pm, June, in Florida I don’t look/smell so great anyways…My issue by then is if there’s ANY makeup left on my face, my long hair isn’t a rats nest, and if I have BO. :blink:

I’m a park junkie, once I’m there I’m there and it’s hard to pull me away unless it’s with the lure of a different park. My kids are like this and I don’t see how flip flips would be comfy from 8am-12am. Though after reading this I MIGHT consider taking a pr of flip flops or slide on sandals to switch back and forth from. They really don’t weigh much, the only weight really added to my backpack will be the Nikes when I switch them out, IF I switch them out.

My mantra this trip is: Sneakers for the parks, flip flops for the pool, and if you lag too much you’ll be sporting the kiddie leash. :laugh::pirate: