Ladies, who needs a new "Disney Bag"?


I found the PERFECT bag!!! It’s a Baggellinni Messenger bag. I thought it would be PERFECT to carry around the parks all day without having to worry about it! Funny, a bunch of the reviews on this bag are from people who bought this bag specifically with trips to Disney World in mind!

Here is the link to the bag:

If you belong to UPROMISE or MYPOINTS, you can also log into the shoebuy website via those websites (to get your credit).

There are some DISCOUNT CODES, which make this bag an even BETTER buy!!! The bag originally retails for about $40 in the store. On shoebuy, it’s only $31.99. But you can save even more!

First, REGISTER on the site and you will automatically get 10 percent off of your first order. Next, use one of these codes (these are the codes for JUNE):

DISCOVER - (discount of 10.00 + free shipping - MAY have to use Discover cc)
ENTERTAIN05 - (15% off + free shipping)
WISHOFFER - (15% off + free shipping - have to use Amex cc)

If I get this bag, it will only cost me $18 and change…SHIPPED! You DON’T pay any sales tax, you DON’T pay any shipping charges, and you DON’T pay for return shipping if you’re not satisfied!!!

So…what do you think??? Most importantly, WHICH COLOR WOULD YOU GET??? :huh:


Super fun bag! I’m still attached to my Space Mountain drawstring bag… :slight_smile:


COOL! I love new bags…I will have to wait until pay day for this, but you can bet your bum I’m getitng one! Thanks for the link Kim!!


What a great idea!! I’m going with my cousin in November so I picked us both up one…Thanks for the deal info…I got them for $24 each with the discounts!! We got purple!!


My dh has that bag! It’s great. I don’t “do” knapsacks. They’re too heavy for my delicate little self. :angel:


Can’t get the bag…I was reminded that DBF bought me a Prada messenger bag for Christmas… If I don’t use it on the trip while he’s there, he’ll think I hated it…I just forgot about it is all…lol


Oh, Dana! That would have been a major mistake to get a new bag when DBF just got you one.


He would have been so hurt. I can’t believe I forgot about that bag. I have it in my closet in this burlap bag to keep the leather nice…I totally forgot! He would have been so upset…he got me that one and a but Prada snakeskin bag…thank God for DD’s who read over my shoulder while I am typing…lol


For heaven sake, don’t leave it in the boat at IASW (I know how quickly you’ll be jumping out of it). Prada at WDW - now that’s classy! :wink:


Oh please girl…if I know my loving DBF, he got it from a “guy”…lol It is a nice bag though and perfect for WDW touring.


Or on the DME bus when you return to the airport!!


I really like that bag. It isn’t too big to carry around, huh? 13 inches sounds like it might get in the way.


LOL - that reminds me of my DH. Almost every story where he wants to buy something starts out…“Well, there’s this guy…” :laugh:


Iluvwdw - the bag looks great!! Do you carry it on your shoulder like a pocketbook or does it go over your head and you carry it sidesways? I was just wondering how easy it would be to get on and off for rides. Thanks!


OH that is the perfect bag! I must have one. Now if I only could decide on the color!! Thanks for the link Kim!


I want to know how you like the bag Kim. I just ordered mine. There was another code published for $10 off plus you still get the free shipping:


Cute ! Looks easy to carry too !


im loving the shrek green - ill have to think first because I have spent $200 at disney direct in the last two weeks!