"Lady and the Tramp" and "Chicken Little" pre-order


i got my disney catalog yesterday and they have “Lady and the Tramp” and “Chicken Little” in it to pre-order. i’m gonna pre-order my copies. i can’t wait to have LATT in my collection.


oooh thats cool! Did it say when they’re coming out?


Yeah! When are they coming out?!!


I found it.
Lady and the Tramp 50th Anniversary Edition - February 28th
Chicken Littie - March 21st


This is great news, both of those are great movies.


Ohhh… I need to go check this out. I wasn’t happy with the Cinderella pre-order. But I’m gonna give it another try with LATT. This time I’m going all out with all the goodies. Any idea what the goodies are?


Probably more lithographs for me to put up in my closet and never look at again… :dry:


:laugh: :laugh: Yeah, I haven’t even opened my boxes since getting them (except to take the DVD and any stuffies out).

There better be a stuffy of Lady or something! :heart:


“Stuffies?” :laugh: I’ve never heard that before…


LOL, shh. I don’t like the term ‘stuffed animals’ cause, they’re not dead and stuffed. :pinch: They’re my stuffies! :tongue:

Just checked DisneyShopping, it’s the basic dvd, litho, pin, stuffy combo. But the stuffies are tooooooo cute! I must have them.


i am soooo looking forward to LATT’s release. i don’t have this movie and i can’t wait to add it to my collection.


EEK! I want those stuffies!!! Okay - I am SO going to pre-order it!