Lady and the Tramp


So as a promise to myself I have been buying ALL of the Disney Special Edition DVD’s that are vaulted (mostly the classics–not the sequels) with the excuse that “they are for my future children” Even though I am POSITIVE that there will be some new form of movie watching by that time…
Anyways…my point
A few weeks ago I bought Lady and the Tramp and today I watched it!!

I can’t remember the last time I saw that movie–but it’s a little scary!! And that horrible Aunt Sarah!!!

For a FEW minutes…I was actually scared!

But all in all…what a good movie :tongue:

Any word on what the next Disney Classic to be released is? Other than the Little Mermaid?


don’t feel bad for buying them for your future children! i did the same and now my once future child is 2 1/2 and we buy her every single disney movie that comes out! and i’m really the one who watches them! (hehehe), but that’s ok!


ROFL! That’s exactly my excuse! I want to have a whole stash of the Disney movies for my future child(ren). It’s obviously not happening soon :glare: , so hopefully my collection will be pretty big!

I watched LAtT a few weeks ago… I really didn’t remember it being that scary when I was a kid. I kept looking at the TV like :huh: :ninja: .

According to Ultimate Disney , the next big release is Chronicles of Narnia on 04 April. The next classic is Dumbo: Big Top Edition on 06 June. Personally, I’m dying for the release of seasons 1 & 2 of “Dinosaurs” (02 May). I was obsessed with that show when I was a kid! :wub:


I love Lady and the Tramp and the last time I was watching it was right when our plumbing issue started. Let’s just say I don’t think I will be watching it for awhile now :P.


When you were a kid??? :eek:

Man, you make me feel old.


Aww, but you’re a good old though. :wub:

I seriously loved it though. I can’t wait.
Yes? No? LOL


Loved that show! :wub: My Mom even bought me the show “soundtrack” which I still have!

I noticed the same thing with Lady. Why am I scared now and I wasn’t as a kid? :huh:


NO idea unfortunately Bella, Tragic is the girl for this question. What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!

I know what you mean about that Aunt Sarah…dude, she is vile! I adore Jock though! :happy:


We are Siamese if you please…da dum dum dum…baaaaad kitties.


There are some excellent bonus features on this DVD. I really enjoyed seeing Walt describe the movie.


Yes baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad baaaaaaaaaaaaaad kitties lol :slight_smile: