Lady and the Tramp


DD has suddenly gone all mad on Lady and the Tramp and has asked for it on DVD but of course it is not avail to buy in stores. ANyone know when it may be released from the vault again or has it been done so many times now that it is not going to be released again? If it is likely to be released agin in the near future I will hang on otherwise I may have to go to Ebay or something.


Try or google Lady & the Tramp. I’m seeing that you can buy it.


Ariel… We may have an extra copy on VHS in the attic. No promises, but I will take a look, if you can even use a VHS… just let me know if you have one of those old players!


Here is one and it comes with 1 and 2 Lady And The Tramp 1, 2 (2DVDs) Brand New - eBay (item 220192608935 end time Jan-19-08 09:00:00 PST)


I dont think you can still buy it brand new but you can probably get a good deal off one of the amazon sellers or ebay :slight_smile: I love that film!


Ariel, they have it on, £23.99 two disk special edition free p+p


oh thanks everyone. Just managed to get hold of it! Oh and MissDisney, a special thanks to you for your very kind offer. Unfortunatly we got rid of our Video player last year so do not own one now. However, you are a complete sweetheart for offering it to me. :wub: