Lady Gaga, Elton John Record Song for Disney Movie


Gnomeo and Juliet

“Lady Gaga and Elton John, who teamed up to open the 52nd Annual Grammys back in January, have collaborated on a new song, “Hello, Hello.” It will appear on the soundtrack for the animated Disney film Gnomeo and Juliet (and not on Gaga’s upcoming album Born This Way), EW’s The Music Mix reports.”

Lady Gaga, Elton John Record Song for Disney Movie | Rolling Stone Music


Oh my gosh this will be just amazing! What a combination of talent, and the film looks fun too.


Elton John cool, but I am not gaga over Gaga.


I like her music ( as DD plays it constantly) but I do think shes a little OTT with her dress sense! Her concerts here, I’m told, were spectacular though- not that I went but DD did.


Oh I’ll bet those two mega stars can make some real magic together!!! They are both big on talent AND showmanship.


Elton John (a family favorite) and Lady Gaga will be a great performance together. Although they are extremely different, they both are talented (Elton John more so) and they both know a thing or two about theatricality!!


Is Gnomeo and Juliet Disney??? Ive watched the trailer and it doesnt say anywhere that its made by Disney :S …


This looks adorable!!

IMBD lists: Titles With Plot Summary Written By “Walt Disney Pictures” I also saw Touchstone listed as one of the production companies.


So Cool, can’t wait to hear it.


Oooo this I can’t wait to hear! I think the film looks awesome too!