Land/ sea Package concerns


Okay, Dear Fiancee and I will be getting married this September, and we will be arriving at the Caribbean Resort on the 19th. We booked through a travel agent, and it was my first tiem booking anything through an agent.

Well, my concern comes into play in that we had to call the agent today in order to get the reservation number and the shore excursion information. I didn’t like that I had to call and actually ASK for it, when it should have arived on my doorstep, but okay.

THe thing that bothers me is, normally when I’ve booked, a nice little Disney envelope with a confirmation would arrive in my mailbox. So far, no joy. Anybody else have thsi sort of problem with a travel agent? Did you EVER receive your confirmation?

Thanks to any and all who can offer advice.


I always book my own trips, but have read numerous times how people have to call and call to get any kind of confirmation.


We used a travel agent for the first time this time. Never recieved anything, she was out of state, and I did it over the phone with her. I ended up calling and re-reserving our dates myself, paid the same price and was all set.

Normally I do everything, but I just learned by using AAA, they do everything for you, and you get great rates - and they can even update your plans with AP codes should they apply.

The best thing…getting your cruise booklet 2 - 3 weeks before you go…so exciting…


we have always used AAA and they are awsome.


From my end, on any of the cruises, we always email out a confirmation prior to any payment being made, and then follow up with another email showing payment, etc. The package is sent by Disney after full payment for the cruise has been made. I am surprised you didn’t get any kind of confirmation from them at all.

For the cruises, it is my understanding that Disney does not mail out a confirmation to you unless you ask for it. We always receive them by fax, never through the mail.


And yet another reason to call Mouseketrips!!! :wink: