Land's End Sea-to-shore shoes


Not long ago someone posted a TR about what comfortable shoes to use in the parks. Someone mentioned the Land’s End sea-to-shore sports shoes, the ones you can get in the water with. Does anybody own a pair? I’m looking for comfortable shoes for the parks and these sounded great!


I just got mine in the mail today (about and hour ago)!! I really like the look and feel of them so far. I am really picky with sneakers. I hate having my feet feel confined and I don’t want them to be too bulky looking or heavy! They look like they will suit all of my purposes. My feet tend to sweat and these have lots of little holes (mesh-like) on the sides so I think they are going to work out really well. I would be glad to keep you posted!


I just bought a pair of Rockports that I think are similar, uppers all mesh, I can see my toes inside, but a lot more expensive. I love them, soooo comfortable, but I am really interested to know how the Lands End ones are. For me it the cool factor, I love the fit and support of sneakers but can’t stand them in the hot weather. A less expensive version would be welcome.


I had bought them for my kids a couple of years ago, and they loved them.


My beautiful DW purchased four pairs of them (one for each of us!!) for our cruise! I tried them on, and they are really, really comfortable! I haven’t tried them on wet yet, but Land’s End is very good quality, so I’m willing to bet they are just as comfortable wet as they are dry! :happy:


I approached a woman in the grocery store wearing a pair of them and asked her how much she liked them. She told me she bought them 3 weeks prior and has worn them nearly every day.


Thanks guys! I’ve heard so many good things about these sneakers, I’m ready to get them for the whole family now!


Great! you’ll be the experimentor! hehehehe! hey, try wearing them with no socks if you can, specially in warm weather, I wonder if they are still comfy like that, it would be so nice, specially during the water rides.


Be careful once they get wet, the top of the back can rub a little blister… other than that, they are great shoes, especially since you may find yourself on Kali or Splash or in a fountain some day!!!


Esprit used to make a pair that was just a bunch of osft stretchy straps and a cushy black bottom… if anyone ever sees something like that, please PM me!!!


Ohh! so I guess wearing without socks is out of the question. Maybe packing an extra pair of socks in my day bag?


Yeah, might be best… But even so, once the shoes ar ewet, the new socks will get wet pretty quick. I had some pretty good blisters from these wet shoes…a lthough, on a dry day, there is nothing more comfortable.


I bought a pair that I use on our boat. I love them. When they get wet they dry quickly. Very comfy. I could wear them all the time!


I wore mine over the past few days (a lot of rain here in CT) and they were terrific! So gald I purchased them. They dry pretty quickly. I assume that if I don’t wear them with socks, which I didn’t yesterday and they were comfortable, then if they get wet I can throw a pair on and maybe I will be safe from blisters. We will have to see! So far, so good!!!


And to think I was going to spend like $80 on fancy sneakers, this ones are so cheap! I’m planning to get the pink ones and the orange ones too, they are soooo cute! I’m going to get a pair for DH and DD too! :wub:


I loved mine so much I am ordering my husband the extream sport shoes for our trip today!!! Can’t say enough about these shoes!!! I can’t believe they are under $30.