Land/sea package


we are planning a disney land/sea cruise in May 2009. Still in initial planning stage. I understand passports are needed even if not disembarking ship. There are 11 of us total in this group, 6 adults and 5 children. Do even the small childred require a passport? This will add considerably to cost of trip since I am treating the family to entire vacation. Any tips on this 4 day park and 3 day cruise. I also understand 5 day park hopper included with package. If we are only going to be in park 4 days, can you get park passes early if you arrive day before checking into caribbean beach. Any comments will be appreciated as this is our first park/cruise vacation.:ohmy:


Yes, unfortunately everyone needs a passport even small children!!!

If I were you I would book the land separate from the sea, I found it to be cheaper that way than doing an actual land and sea package!

If you do this, you can stay at a moderate for a cheaper price!!!

No matter what you decide you will LOVE the cruise:heart: :heart: :heart: ! I cannot wait to do a 7 day cruise!!! We are trying for next June!!!

The excursions are great on Castaway Cay!!! The stingray one in particular!

In Nassau, we just caught a taxi to a beach on Paradise Island and had a great day on the beach!!

On Board do not miss the Mickey 200 it is a blast. Our family has won it twice!:redface: Also the scavenger hunt on board is great!!!

The cruise is great and worth every penny!!!


hmmmm, I read somewhere that children need only a birth certificate with a raised seal. I believe that was on the Disney cruise website.

With all the other things I cannot help you. We’re working on our first cruise. I wish I had done a little more homework and figured out that it would be less expensive to make the land and sea reservation seperately. Live and learn :pinch: