Laney's first trip to Disney


Okay a quick teaser and then I will need to find time to get the details in . . .

Cast Members:
Matt aka Laneysdad
Amanda DW and Laneysmom
My parents aka grandma and papa
. . . Oh and DD Delaney Renee (2yo)
June 9th through June 16th

Quick things I learned on my Disney Trip.

  1. Schedules don’t exist for 2 year olds. You are hopelessly at their mercy obey them or suffer dearly.

  2. Expedition Everest flippin rocks! WOW!

  3. Disney Dining appears to be killing overall Disney dining service.

  4. Disney Transportation has lost its luster with me.

  5. Everyone but Delaney was sick on this trip incl. a trip to Celebration ER!

  6. The CM playing Cinderella on the evening of June 10th made the trip for all of us by personally making Delany feel like a Princess and her daddy cry.

It’s my 1st TR so bear with me. I may not do Day by Day because I didn’t take notes but I got lots of pictures! I may go the picture posting route with storeis around them all.


Okay, that alone makes up for any defects…

In fact, that’s all you need to write for a successful trip report!! :wub: :heart: :heart:


Attachment test . . . . featuring an actual trip photo of Delaney meeting Minnie.

Delaney was awesome with all the characters only Gepetto freaked her a bit but I don’t gather she is too familiar with him. All charaters got kisses which most were caught on memory card. I will post them for my personal enjoyment though you all free to enjoy as well . . . .


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You need to put [url-]., then the link, then [-/url]

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Welcome Home!!!

I must admit I am surprised you didn’t already realize you are at the mercy of your dear, sweet Delaney, lol. Sorry about the sickies–but it sounds like you all survived and had a good trip despite some downfalls!

The way I attatch pics from my pictures on my PC is:

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I hope this helps! :mickey:


Until I got to number 6 I was really worried but that makes it all worth it. I can’t wait to read about everything.


Ok Laneysdad, we are waiting! I’m dying to get to the Cinderella part! don’t keep us in suspense any longer!


This is definately a teaser. I can’t wait to read what you got. :heart: I am also very interested in all those great pictures!


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I hope that helps. I can’t wait to see your pictures, and read your TR!!! :heart:


First I want to hear all about #6 - I am so sorry that almost everyone was sick - thats no fun. Then I am just wondering about #'s 3 & 4.


Hello? Hello? :blink: :wacko: is there anyone still trying to attach photos and writing a trip report around them? Hello??? :blink: :blink:


we’re all in suspense! the whole …and her daddy cry… is so touching~ can’t wait to hear the whole story!


Okay I wanna try this again . . .


Very good! No need for the link! Just attach your image! Nicely done!

She’s beautiful!


Day 1:

The “Princess Car” picks us up at 9:45 for our 12:55 departure. We were in for a long day of travel at this point so we needed to garner the motivation for a 2yo to push on through at every turn. It was Delaney’s first Limo ride and airplane trip so there was alot for her to be excited about. Here is Delaney with her 'Rella backpack full of toys getting ready to be loaded into the plane.

Day 1 had Mommy (Amanda) on the downward slide for a virus she had gotten most likely from one of her students in the final days of school. It caused a fever and nasty blister type thingys that even grossed me out. Amanda was the 1st person on our trip to start out sick - it actually started a few days prior but the medicine was now kicking in and taking care of things so she was on the mend but irritable. Needless to say it was not a pleasant way to start what not only was Delaney’s 1st trip to WDW but our 5 yr Anniversary/return trip.


I met Asp8tis and her family at the airport but due to Amanda being sick my intention was to not put them at risk of being sick so the greeting was limited.

We finally touched down in Orlando and hit Magical Express without a hitch we were on our way to Port Orleans. Delaney was in good spirits thus far after the flight and hustle through the airport. How could she not be in a good mood when ME was showing Chicken Little on board! She entertained the driver and others around us as she happily sang all the songs she heard and knew from the movie. We arrived at POR and checked in.

About 3 weeks prior I called to get names straightened out on our reservation about who was staying in what room. We had 2 rooms which we wanted adjoining but they had Amanda and my Dad in a room while I shared with Delaney and my Mom. Not a big deal until you realize the room charging challenges. It took a few minutes and a supervisor to straighten things out and we were on our way to 9212 Oak Manor!

Not a bad hike from Check in but we were on the backside of a rather large building but no biggie. The rooms were nice but SCREW THE ROOMS LETS GET TO MK!

HUH!? WHAT!? Dinner!? Awe Dang . . .

We grabbed Counter Service at POR on our way out and the food wasn’t bad at all. We had our first experience with the dining plan here and it went off without a hitch.

MY parents have never been to Disney and thus far are overwhelmed with all there is to see and do. The sensory overload was going to hit them just as much as Delaney in the coming days.

WE hustled out to get to MK and got there around 7:30ish. Delaneys first ride . . . IASW. We were hoping for Dumbo but the supressing heat and humidity of the seasons first Tropical Storm made the wait a bit out of the question. We then headed over to Peter Pans Flight before moving down Main St to take in Wishes.

Wow is Wishes cool. Shorter than I expected but Delaney loved it. She was trying to literally catch the fireworks but only after I realized she may have been chasing “Hidden Mickey” Fireworks . . . … We exited MK after Wishes to go break in the new rooms after a long travel day.

The luggage was waiting for us as promised per ME.

Day 2: June 10th Preview.

  1. MGM/Last Star Wars Weekend
  2. The hunt for JoJo
  3. Our 5 yr anniversary dinner at CRT 5 yrs to the day of our actually dining there on our honeymoon.