Lanyard with holder for pass


I saw an old thread with this mentioned but I wanted to start a new one for those of you who havent thought of this.

The old thread mentioned a woman who wanted a lanyard with a holder on the end for her annual pass, to keep safe while she was in and out of the park.

I intend to bring the lanyard I stumbled upon for the same reason.

As to where I found it, quite by accident I was in a hospital gift shop and came across one with stretchy thread and jewels…quite Disney if I do say so myself.

You can also find some at schools, or at least, they have some at mine, for their ID cards.

It’s plastic so the pass won’t get wet or ripped.

Thanks for making me think about it and buy one, old thread! :flowers:


IT sounds so very disney. Great idea. I am glad you got one.


I’ve seen them at WDW, too - for 10 dollars a piece.


Darn, I think I paid 12 for mine.

Grrr. :rolleyes:


LOL! I was thinking 10 was steep!


They have some there for fast passes, but they’re not the same kind.