We will be going to DW in September and my DS would love to have a lanyard before we get there… where can I buy one. I went to the Disney Store and didn’t have any…



Looks like there are quite a few on eBay. Just make sure you enter “lanyard -pin -pins” on your search, or you’ll have to wade through thousands of pins to find the lanyards.


If our DC lanyard idea goes through, you can order some of those!!

The kid might not understand it, but… :huh:


Definately try to get one off ebay. sometimes has them too, but not all the time. I got my DD a jack skelton one for christmas from there.


Claire’s Boutique in your local mall may have them. A couple of years ago DW found Maleficent, Evil Queen, & Tink lanyards that I have seen no where else. I’ve had many CM’s comment on how cool they are.


You can also check out or the store at Both have lanyards and pins that they purchase for you directly from WDW and Disneyland. Should worse come to worst, I can pick one up for you the next time I’m at the World of Disney store in Manhattan! Just PM me if you’d like me to do that.


One of my favorite lanyards says “Police Line Do Not Cross” on it and I got it through my workplace as a fund raiser by the Police Dept (it looks just like the crime scene tape :tongue:). I have also gotten other lanyards at sporting events. If there is a local sports team that your son supports you may find that they have cool lanyards in their team stores.

My current lanyard is from DL itself… And for our last trip we decided to buy all new lanyards for the kids and that was pretty much the 1st thing we did when we arrived. That sort of satisfied some of the kids’ initial desire to get something Disney right away.