Laptop Security


…As much as we wanna detach from reality, we’re also thinking about bringing a laptop along. We’re staying at POR. Any ideas / hints on what we can do to secure the laptop while we’re enjoying the magic?


Moderate resorts should have a laptop sized safe in the bathroom area. Call the resort to be sure it will fit the dimensions of your computer.


You know, for the life of me, I can’t remember the room safe at POR, being big enough for a laptop.


If the in-room safe isn’t big enough don’t most resorts also hae safes at the front desk?
Not sure…but calling and finding out would be a good idea


If the safe is to small you can also get a security lock. Most laptops have a “security” port that you lock the steel cord to and then loop around something soild.

It is great if you travel alot and also great for when you your laptop around the house.

more info here


Unless the safes have changed in size, the safes in moderates aren’t big enought to hold a laptop. We have left our video equipment in our room before while enjoying the parks, and even our sons poratable DVD player. We don’t just leave it out for all to see. We just put the stuff in the armoire under some clothes or whatever. We use the safe for our return airline tickets, money, jewely, etc. We have never had a problem in all of our years of Disney with theft. I am also planning on taking my lap top down with me in May and have no problem sticking in a drawer or something.


Yes, that’s what we do too. Once I left my wallet in the room safe, but forgot to lock it, and everything(including the cash) was still there when we got back.


…I didn’t think the wall safe @ POR was big enough for a laptop. :cool:

I’m probably being way more paranoid than I need to be.

I always bring it on business trips, but never had occasion to leave it in my room.


You could also put in you luggage and lock it. We did this and used our TSA approved locks. I’m pretty sure Disney would get to bottom of it very quicly if you had a whole piece of luggage disappear from your room.


In 23 years we’ve never had one thing go missing at a WDW resort, except a skirt I forgot to pack and they prompty mailed to me. We always take two laptops with us and I just store them in a closet or in the armoire. Never, ever had a problem.


I’m probably too trusting…I put my travelers checks and any cash I’m not carrying in the safe, but I’ve always left my laptop sitting out on the table!! :ohmy: However, I’ve NEVER had a problem with anything, thank goodness.


Thanks y’all.

I’m surely over-thinking it.


same here.
I do travel a lot.
I use the safe for $$$
The laptop I usually leave on the desk.


ROFL! I do the same thing!

I always lock up my jewelry, tickets I won’t use that day, extra money, etc in the safe. Then leave the video camera, cds, mp3 players, etc just sitting on the table or dresser. I honestly never thought about it at the time, it’s just my routine. :pinch: :laugh:

And nothing has ever been taken…onsite. Offsite is a whole different story - I’ve come home without a whole bottle Chanel #5, brand new name brand shoes, you name it… :pirate: :nonono2:


I have to agree with the majority on this one. We do exactly the same with our laptop and video camera etc etc. Touch wood~ we have never had any issues and hope it stays that way!
The in room safe at POR definately will not store anything as big as a laptop. I had difficulty in storing my ticket wallets :laugh: !!!

( not to pick on you Bali…I know you were only helping :heart: )


Ya I would say maybe get a lock up luggage case then put that case in the closet or something if the safe won’t fit. Or like everyone else said keep it with the front desk that’s the easiest way to go. The luggage just might be more convient.


I have used the laptop lock thing when traveling for work, and it does just fine. It’s a small expense for piece of mind.