Has anyone taken a laptop to POP? Where do you store it during the day when your at the parks? The room safes are too small. Can you store larger items with the front desk until you return at night? Or do you just stick them in a drawer with clothes on top? Thanks


We brought our laptop to All Star Movies last year and just put ours in a drawer when we left and there was never any problem. I guess I wouldn’t worry about it.


Add on question…

Do you have to pay for internet???


Yes, you have to pay for Internet.

We have a couple of those mini laptops that we use when we travel. We just leave them in the room while we’re at the parks.


I’m really lax and just leave my laptop out and often on and I don’t really worry.

Add on answer: YES! Everybody pays! (Unless your ISP has wifi service in the WDW region and you’re paying for it that way)


I have left my laptop out every trip, never had any problems. Yes, you do have to pay for internet. However, more than once I have seen other people’s mobile hot spot’s live and open in nearby rooms. While I don’t condone stealing other people’s internet connections, just letting you know you will find them more often nowadays than in the past.


My DD takes hers and we put ours in the suitcase and lock it. I dont tempt fate by leaving it out, not that I am suggesting Housekeeping would take it, but rooms are not totally secure to those who know how to get in.


I actually don’t need the internet, I just want to use my iphone for pics and videos while we’re there and want to download it every night and clear the memory for the next day… The pictures and video are better than my pentax camera. thanks


Oh great idea! I am using my Iphone camera and video all the time now too- my point and shoot digital is getting kind of dusty!


These are the same people who don’t use PKA keys to secure their home wireless networks.

I know that usually I can look into a couple of computers when I’m traveling because people just don’t know about security.

(Says the man who only uses his administrator account at home).


We just put ours in a suitcase.


I took my laptop on our vacations to WDW and always left it out. I guess I never really thought about it. However, I have found that bringing a laptop is too bulky, and I start thinking about what I use the laptop for which is movie, music, photo’s, and the internet. So to get rid of the bulkiness I have decided for my trip in May that I will only be taking my iPad. It gives me all these features that I need on my trip, in a small little device.

Also I have never stayed at POP but when we stay at DVC resorts as members we get the Internet for free. The only time I have paid for internet is before I became a member.


That I would make sure I locked up. We don’t leave iPods out in the room, those seem too easy to pocket and walk out of the room.


While we have never stayed at the ‘POP’, we always travel with a laptop. We take an older one just for the internet, and for downloading pictures. We just keep it in the carry case in a corner of the room. We have never had a problem with having it there.


Agreed DisneyTeacher!!! As CDavis9088’s other half I will make sure the iPad is locked up. I think it’s gonna just make it in- in terms of size- to the safe!!

If not poor cdavis is gonna have to lug that bad boy around all day:laugh::laugh::laugh:


I have taken one before turned off internet access key to the computer so no one can gain access to it. turned off the system when not in room put it inside the top of the suitecase and only used it nightly to download and burn cds of the days pictures for more room on my memory card. but these days I know have enough cards that I do not need to do that anymore so we just leave the laptop at home.


The only safe/laptop combination that ever worked for me was a 14 inch Dell and the wall safes at the Universal hotels.
The Disney safes are nowhere big enough to hold anything of a decent size.


I guess I never felt that leaving a laptop out in my room was unsafe.


I’m sure it’s going to be fine, but I don’t have an “old” and “new” laptop. I only have one newer one and it’s a mac so its not cheap. I just wanted to know how everyone else dealt with it since I figured I wasn’t the only one to bring one along with me!


If it is a mac then you will really want to put that away somewhere. Those **** things are expensive.