Large Group Reservation Discounts?


We were afraid we werent going to make it to Magic Kingdom and now we are wondering how we are going to handle such a large group…lol Originally it was going to be myself, husband and 2 year old son. Then we asked the grandparents to go, and then my brother and his family (2 adults, 2 kids). We didnt expect everyone to go or even want to go. Today we found out not only are they all wanting to go, but they want to extend the invitation to my aunt and her family (2 adults, 2 teenage girls). So now we are up to 13 people total. I was wondering if the resorts give a discount to those with large parties. Each family will be getting their own room.

Anybody know ???


Groups don’t get discounts, but they do get extra stuff.

However, you may want to consider purchasing a single AP and use it to get discounts for the group (I’m not sure what the overall limitations are, but I know that you all have to stay in the same hotel in order to share the discount)


As Matt said, there are no discounts. You have to have 10 rooms in your group in order to get that discount. You do qualify for a grand gathering, so that is something.

With one AP, you can get a discount on up to 3 rooms.


I called disney and there arent any discounts…we are fl residents and passholders so at least we will get that discounted rate. We are just waiting now to get a final head count, deciding on one of two weekends, and then will be making the reservation. It looks like we will be staying at POFQ or POR.