Lasallemom's TR Aug 23-27


The Cast Adults- my friend Misty, DH and myself
Children- Theresa - 2
Ted - 4
Alex - 6
Zoe - 8

This was a long trip for my family. My friend Misty just joined us for the Disney part and this was her first time there. The beginning part for my family was Aug. 9 as we started the drive down to Florida to stay a while at a family cottage. I will not get into great detail about that part do not worry. However there were some fun times, though my poor little Theresa was homesick after a week and asking to go home. She would say “go home?” I would have to brake her heart and say “not yet. We finish our time here, go to Disney, then home.” Her reply “Why?”
We had to make the place spotless before leaving so I was up late the night before and got the kids up at 7. We were on our way around 8 and everything was going quite well until my Theresa was sick. We had to clean her up and the carseat, and then we were back on the road. We took a little bit of a wrong turn on the I75 but then got back on track.

We were able to get right into the room at the ASMusic Jazz Inn before my friend came like I had wanted, so our things would be in the room making it easier to get out when she arrived which was. She was very worried about her bags and did not have shorts in her carry-on so we just finished getting things unpacked. Just as we were going to leave the room the sky opened up and we had a nice heavy rain. When it had eased and my friend knew her bag was at the hotel we got our mugs and then went back to the room and took about an hour getting things together. We went to AK since they had magic hours. I would have been willing to skip that park but it was her first time and I wanted to ride Everest. We did not do to much there as we ate than the park was on magic hours and there really is nothing for the kids to do in the way of rides. We did do the Tuff to be a Bug show which the kids hated. I forced my DS Ted to watch the last few moments of it. The kids also loved riding the rapids ride they went twice as did my friend. I did the Everest ride with my DD Zoe who loved it as did I. We also had fun looking at all the animals that were out.
When we arrived at the bus stop to go home I was worried it was going to be a long wait but they kept the buses coming so the wait that I thought was going to be an hour or so was only 10 mins.
When we got back we all went for a swim and then the kids went to bed without any hassle. I was able to spend some time with my friend and get a snack and drink before the food area closed for the night. Then I had to do laundry because of my Theresa being sick. So I was in bed for 1am or a little after. By the way it is really fun to hang out in the laundry room just chatting with people.

Well I need to get grocery shopping as is 11pm right now. I will do Tues. and post pics tomorrow.


So I decided to stay awake a little bit longer. I guess I am still on the EMH sleep routine.
Here are some of the pictures from our first day

DH decided it would be fun to just have their head showing when we walked out of the room.

This is the big group of us, in AK

This is my friend and my oldest.

okay now I really need some sleep.


Nice start. Get rested and post some more. I think it’s cool your daughter is a mini you.


Good start! Can’t wait to read more!


Cute picture with all the faces peeking out.

Was your DD sick sick or just a little upset tummy sick? I always feel so bad when you hear the stories of the flu runs thru the family, so mom stays with child 1 and dad takes the rest of the kids to the parks. And then everyday the sick child changes. So mom ends up spending 5 days of the 6 day vacation in the room.


jo-jo I think she was just a little car sick. She only had the one time and was done with that. I had a March break like that and it was bad. We were going to travel and see some friends over the week and that was canceled. Alex trough up in the car and so instead of staying in a high end hotel like we were planning we did a motel. Cleaned out the car and the carseat more. Then my 2 girls were sick I was sick. We were sitting on the bed after cleaning out sleeping bags and sheets at 4 am talking about just leaving and heading home. We took a 2 lane hwy all the way home. On the big hwy it only takes 4-5 hrs but with all the stops and the slow drive it took 10 hrs. May we never have another time like that again.


hehehehe I remember March break… that was fun to the point that it’s now legendary. I’m still wondering if the hotel put a BIO Hazard sign on your room door after you left.

I can’t wait to read more and see some more pics! Mom said that Theresa was homesick when she talked to her. So sad when you have to explain why they have to go to Disney. Can’t wait to see more pics!


[QUOTE=InHouseMouse;1047578]hehehehe I remember March break… that was fun to the point that it’s now legendary. I’m still wondering if the hotel put a BIO Hazard sign on your room door after you left.

I can’t wait to read more and see some more pics! Mom said that Theresa was homesick when she talked to her. So sad when you have to explain why they have to go to Disney. Can’t wait to see more pics![/QUOTE]

I wonder too. It was a very sad night.
It kind of took some of the joy of looking forward to the time at Disney. However, she is still asking if we are going home…and we are home:blink:


Great trip report so far…look forward to more.


Okay so here is some of day 2s events.
I was able to leave my DH and the boys at the hotel in the morning and get to the MK just at the end of morning EMH. did a little bit of walking around the entrance area and saw Pinocchio then saw some of the street performers. My little lady Theresa was never wanting me to comb her hair after it became all tangled so I was off to the barber shop to get her hair cut. This was something that did not make her very happy but she was smiling before we left and was happy to not have the tangles anymore.
When we walked through the castle we saw Wendy and Peter so we said hi to them. We were able to get in a couple of rides then it started to really rain so we went to see Philharmagic. Theresa really does not like 3D shows as she is not ready for things to fly at her. However, Misty, Zoe and I loved it. It was still raining after that so we bought so ponchos and continued to go on rides.
Throughout the day I had the girls, the brown eyes and the blue eyes. It made it nice in some ways but hard in others as we met up twice.
When I had the brown eyes we did some of the same rides and had lunch, did the jungle cruse and the Swiss Family tree which was nice.
Ted was very happy with this trip because he could to Splash mountain and Thunder mountain. So I am sure he will be even happier when he can do them all. Alex decided the only one that he likes is barnstormer. This seems silly to me as he was at one time our risk taker. Well maybe things will change. He did not like splash mountain because it was dark. After pushing Theresa around for the day I was very happy when my DH took her and Alex. That left me with the blue eyes…Zoe and Ted. We did some things like the PofC. He did enjoy it somewhat. He was hungry as the light parade so I left Misty with Zoe and Ted and I found funnel cakes and ice cap floats…yummm. We watched some of the fireworks and then I carried the very heavy and sleeping Ted to the bus and the room.


Zoe and Misty with Pinocchio.

Theresa getting her hair cut.

Here is the after. I was really happy with it and I think Theresa felt the same way. (just noticed why this one was not showing up.)

Just us girls on Main St.

This is what Mousekeeping did with some of the things in our room that day.

Here are the girls with Peter and Wendy. Theresa really did not care for the meet and greets.

Here Misty and I are with the brown eyes off to get some treats and ride the train.

Here are the kids in jail with Emperor Zurg.


woohoo more pictures! I still can’t believe Alex didn’t run for the bigger rides. I’m going to have to have a talk with him! LOL Theresa seems very calm in the pictures getting her hair done. Florie would have freaked so bad that there would have only been one or two little cuts made. So Great Job Theresa!! As for her asking if you’re home now even though you’re home already… well lets look at the summer you’ve had. LOL She probably wonders where you’ll be heading off to in a couple of days.


Great start! Your pics are great, thank you for sharing.



Great start to your TR! I love all the pictures, and your kids are SO cute! Can’t wait to read/see more.


I LOVE the picture of her getting hair cut. There is something in her eyes that looks soooo precious to me. Great report.


thank you. She often looks soo cute. I think the look at that time was I really don’t want to have this done but you said no tangles.


I love the haircut pic too! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see more!


Finally trying to get to day 3. We did HS that day.
We arrive after our slow start at the resort. We had been planning to do the EMH that day so it was not to big of a concern. We started by doing the Mickey’s Club house show. That was a good show and the kids had a good time but at times you cannot see the puppets. They really need to make things a little lower in a way that hides the puppeteers and lets the children see what is going on. We did go and see the Incredibles and were going to see others but as it was getting to lunch time and my DH does not care to wait forever to see them all so we played with the interactive stations and left for lunch.
My dh decided that he would like to go on TOT and Zoe and Ted were up for that. I really do not feel like Ted was really ready that ride but it is not worse then HM. Needless to say he did not want to go on it again however my Zoe wanted to. So I waited in line with her and met some people that are doing the College program. They had lots of fun with Zoe and making them guess where they were from. said that she was going on the ride because I wanted to and that was cool with me. She did hide her face for the moving through the hallway area. That was fine with me…I ride it for the drop.:laugh:.
After we were done on that ride we went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area and let the kids have lots of fun. I like how there is really only one way out that the kids can get through but it can get pretty crazy in those areas. Theresa was really funny to watch as she was standing in the area that the water gun sprays. It caught her by surprise a number of times.
After that we split up and my friend Misty was with Zoe and the did a could of rides. I think they did the Great Movie ride and Narnia. Dh and I were going to take the boys and Theresa to the car stunt show but we were a couple minutes late. We did do a nice walk but some of the boys were complaining about sore feet and hunger. My DH wanted to do the Star Tours ride so he brought Alex on that and I picked up some snacks. Then I went on it. After that we walked over to the RRC and we did the switch pass thing. I have soooo missed that ride. I am so looking forward to when Zoe can do that one.
We decided not to do the EMH do to the kids being so worn out. However. we did go for a swim and had dinner at the resort.

“Little rant”
On this day I was really wishing that we could have had more days there so we could have taken a day off. I know the kids were worn down and I was getting to feel that way. I was also feeling bad that I did not have time to show my friend a lot of the things there. We also had a grumpy CM that I had asked for info from. When asking if the still had the info sheet about EMH and what was open she started complaining about the cut backs and ticket increases and how they are finding things harder.:sad: It really made me feel like I should have told her that most people that are in the work force are just happy to still be in it and are having to work hard and do not get all the nice perks like she does. I think that would be fun to meet people from all over the world. Plus if you do not like your job you have the right to quit and find one that you would like. I have worked in the hospitality field and that is a hard one to be in but I never complained to customers about how bad my job was.
all done.


FINALLY!!! I thought you’d never get to day 3! LOL Can’t wait to see the pictures! I can’t believe that a CM would bring the stuff up. That is totally the wrong thing to do. I honestly would have spoken to a manager about that.


Okay here are some of the photos from day 3. We did not get as many as I would have liked but it was very busy so here are the pics

DH and the kids playing in San Francisco…It was cool how the back drop looked that day as it was very cloudy and it looked like it could really be that area.

Okay this one is the only pic I have meeting the Incredibles and the CM moved the camera while taking the photo. I say they should hire a few more Photopass people.

I have a few pictures of the show but will not post all of them. However this show what I am complaining about. I know when I put my head at the same level as my kids I could just see the tops of the puppets. Maybe in the center it is not so bad. It is a fun show for the kids but really a let down that they do not make it easier to watch.

Okay I shell go and start on day four.