LAST CHANCE for postcards!


DH (prezcatz) and I are leaving Friday as we make our way to WDW next week! If you’d like us to send you a postcard from there, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!


Can you send one to my DH and I. I will PM you my Addy.


Sending you a PM! Thanks!


OMG, that would be so great! Can you send a postcard to my kids from Mickey? That would be awesome, I will send you my address.


my daughter would LOVE to get a post card! the mail is a BIG deal to her! LOL

and 5 yo. her b’day is coming up! getting a b’day wish from wdw would be too sweet!!

i am going to PM you.

thanks so much! :C)


I sent a PM. Thanks!!


I am PMing you now!! Thanks so much for the offer!


That would be so awesome! Pming…


I’m PMing TOO! That would be so awesome!


Ty loves postcards from WDW. It would be awesome if you would send one!

I will PM you now.

Thank you soooo much!



bumping this for anyone else who’s interested…


sent you a pm THANKS