Last Day of Land Portion of Land and Sea


The last day of the Land portion of our Land and Sea Vacation is an early entry day at the Magic Kingdom. We are staying at the Poly and were hoping to fit in an hour or two before our bus transfer to Cape Canaveral. Does anyone know if this is a possibility or cutting it too close?


What time does the bus leave?
Cape Canaveral is only about 70-90 minutes (more like 60 if you drive like a native).
What you must do is be all packed and ready to go at 7 AM. Have your bags transferred to either bell services or to the Disney Cruise desk, less your carry-ons. I would certainly be back at the Poly at 10:30 and strongly recommend using express checkout.
If your bus leaves between 11 and 11:30, you will be able to get in 2 hours in Magic Kingdom.
You might also consider taking the resort launch instead of the monorail if it looks like the launch is docked or docking when you exit the park.


Sounds like a great plan! I have been unable to find out when the bus leaves the resort, but I would hope to get in one last ride on Thunder and Splash Mountain! Until next time, of course.


I have no information for you…just wanted to say how much I envy you! We loved the land and sea experience. The cruise was fantastic though short. Next time we do a longer cruise!!!


Ditto. We did the 5 day cruise and wished it was much longer. Kids had a blast.


New to Mouse Buzz. We did the Land and Sea tour of April this year. It was wonderful. The bus left the Poly slightly before noon I believe, but we had to meet as a group in the lobby around 11:00 am. If my memory doesn’t fail me, we went to MK that morning-plenty of time. Your bags have to be packed and ready for pick up by DCL by 8:00am or so.


Glad to hear you all enjoyed the cruise so much, and even more happy to hear we can squeeze in a little more time at MK!


We LOVED the Land/sea as well! Have a great time!
They used to have a DCL bus that picked UP at AK on the way out- so you could have a morning in the park- not sure if they still do. I would much rather swing one last MK visit too. Call and ask if they have a MK bus. It is a possibility! Just FYI :slight_smile:


Land/Sea is a problem for us because we drive up and have to worry about parking the car somewhere while we’re on the cruise.
It’s easier for us to just take a cruise out of South Florida and then go to WDW another time.