Last day-what to do?


Can anyone give me tips on what we should do for the last day at the resort? Our flight is not untill 9pm so I was wondering what we will do after check out time? I never really thought about it until now, and I know I would like to have access to a bathroom and a place to relax untill we leave. Should I try & book an extra night so we’ll have a place to “be”? Our last day will be the 13th day in WDW for us & we won’t have any park passes left by then. (Max number of 10 days with the MYW plan)


Hmmmm, how about spending the day at Downtown Disney?


I would explore DTD and maybe even catch a movie there. Or how about doing mini-golf, horseback riding, ride those watercraft things. You can do a lot besides hang out at the resort. I would probably request a late check out. They will let you stay until about 1:00 if they aren’t really booked. Take a swim , have lunch and then do one of the above activities.


Yeah! What Buzz said! You could try DisneyQuest depending on the ages of your children (if they will be attending)

Lots of good places to eat and shop!


Yeah, I thought we could do those things, but what will we do with our luggage & what if we need something in it? Or should I just pack extra clothes (in case my DS gets his dirty) in a back pack or something? Will we have access to a bathroom somewhere to freshen up before we leave?


Downtown Disney definitely has bathrooms everywhere. I would treat the day as if you were just going off for a day of shopping somewhere.

If you normally bring extra clothes for him when you go off for the day, definitely do it this time, too.

If not, then I wouldn’t worry about it. THere aren’t alot of places to get dirty.

It really depends on your comfort level - if you’d like to have the hotel room for one more day - ask for a late checkout!


If your flight is not untill 9pm and you are using Magical Express you’ll need to be ready to go about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs before your flight. If you are using ME I believe you can check your bags in 12 hours before departure. Now if this is the case; I would visit DTD the first day and not waste a day on the Park Hopper. Spend your last day at one of the parks and have a nice early dinner before your flight.


Have you thought about Resort Hopping. We sometimes take the last day and go look at the other resorts that we haven’t been too.

DTD is also a good choice.


Don’t know where you are staying, but all the Disney resorts will store your luggage for you all day till you are ready to leave. You’ll also be able to use the bathrooms at thr resort even after you’ve checked out.


MJD has a great point, too…switch it so you’re in the parks your last day.

You can check your bags, early, and do your most favorite stuff the last day…then, grab one last WDW meal, and head home…


WE had jetblue which has service right at the resorts. Once we checked our bags in I didn’t see them until we touched down at home. ME is a great service…


nancy, why don’t you check out late (say 10:30), leave your bags at the hotel bell desk, and then go to Marketplace for a fun day of water sprites, shopping and a huge late lunch. You can even hop on a bus and go to one of the resorts you ahve never seen before to check out the lobby! Hey! Maybe even schedule on late lunch at one of those resorts!

Then, go back to your hotel around 5:00 for your bags, and get to the airport at 6:00 or 6:30 to check in for your flight!


Out flight leaves at 6:55 so we are guessing we will have until around 4:00 that day. We are going to MK for a few last rides on our favorites and one last look around. Then we are going to Beaches and Cream for lunch and then a sad goodbye. :sad: We will be leaving our luggage at the resort and then back to the resort to catch our ME back to the airport. :mickey:


Our Fliight out is at 8:30—last year we checked out, went to MGM for a while (my DS and DD’s favorite park), then let them go back to the resort and swim until we had to go…the resort even gave me a plastic bag to put their suits in for the plane ride home. We will probably follow that again this year.


Depending on what resprt you are staying at… rent a locker by the pool and put your suit and change of clothes in it. We have done this when we stay at the Contemporary. Then you can go into the bathrooms by the pool shower and change and off to the airport you go!


We almost always do DTD on our last day. We checkout and just drive to DTD and then leave from there.


I like this scenerio. :heart:

My DD and I usually end our trip at MGM. We always want to get those last few trips on TOT And RnR to hold us over till the next trip.


I suggest spending at least part of your day praying for a snow storm somewhere in the country to cancel your flight home. :tongue:


Play play play…then went you are told it is time to leave…fall on the ground and start kicking and screaming like a 3yo and maybe just maybe you’ll get to stay one more day.:smile:

It’s worth a shot.:wink:


play a round of miniature golf! that’s what we did on our last day. we always have a late flight on our last day at WDW. usually, we’ll go to DTD and have lunch, walk around, or play some miniature golf. there’s so much to do outside of just visiting the parks that i’m sure you’ll find something or somethings to do to kill the time before your flight. hey, you can even resort hop. that’s another thing we do to: go resort hopping. that way, you have an idea of what some resorts look like when you plan your next trip.