Last minute ADR rusher house or Yeti


12 pm. Me, wife and 8, 6 yo boys. I heard buffet can be way busy…



I’ve been pretty happy with the menu, food, and service at Yak and Yeti, but I can’t say anything about the lunch buffet at Tusker House.
Does the All Ears menu give you any clues what you’d prefer?


I’d prefer yak and yeti, but buffets are always good with the boys. I’m hoping someone has done both and can weigh in.


I have two boys now 7 and 9 and we always eat at Tusker…lots of choices for everyone! We have our ADR between 1:00 and 1:40pm so that we can have guarenteed seating to the nemo show…it’s nice to sit down out of the heat at 3:15!


Hmmm tough call. We love them both. DDs who are 8 and 9 enjoyed Tusker house more on our last trip but they also love the idea of sitting upstairs at Yeti and looking out the window. Personally I really like the food at Tusker more than the Yeti but I do enjoy the Yeti.


Haven’t heard anything good about Tusker house from any of my friends that have eaten there, personally I can’t say. But I do know that we all loved the Yak & Yeti.