Last Minute Boardwalk Inn Questions


Well, in 20 days we’ll be continuing our quest to stay at every on-site WDW resort :happy: Our next stop is Boardwalk. I have two questions/issues to ask about:

1- How has bus transportation been lately? For example, are there still 5 stops to get to AK? Is that a seasonal thing? Any other issues I should plan for?

2- I seem to be reading that there really is no counter service for a quick breakfast/lunch. We have great TS ADRs for dinner (including Le Cellier :wub: ), but I’m wondering where to go for a quick breakfast using our CS or snack credits. I think we’d prefer to eat breakfast before going anywhere by boat or bus.

As always, thnaks!


the transportation to MK and AK using the bus is always going to take forever from there…you share with like 5 resorts…it’s one of the main reasons I don’t want to stay there.

As for quick service places, they have them there…bakery and another place…check allears for menus.


We stayed at BWV last summer and got a couple of quick breakfasts at the bakery.


Thanks- I wasn’t familiar with the bakery. As long as they have good coffee, I’m good to go.

I’m thinking it might be faster to take the boat to Epcot, walk through Epcot, hop on the monorail to TTC, then transfer onto the monorail for MK :laugh:

We do spend most of our WDW time at Epcot, so I look forward to being so close.


We didn’t have any issues with the buses at BW last summer.


In the morning I think the buses went directly to MK, but coming back it had somewhere between 2 and 97 stops. Really going back to the hotel seemed to take forever.

But we love, love, love being able to walk to Epcot and DHS. We are staying there for 10 days in sept.


Thanks- I was re-reading Wishy’s trip report from 2006 and she mentioned some bus issues. We are flying and taking ME, so no car this trip. Glad the bus issue is no longer.


And your countdown says you are leaving in 3 days!! You’re spoiled :wink:

We’ve got most of our meals planned for Epcot, so I think we are going to love being so close also!


Does Yacht & Beach club have similar issues with bus transportation?


We’ve stayed at BC several times and have not had any issues with the buses there either. We’re not usually in a hugh rush and always allow plenty of time to get where we’re going so that may be part of it.


Yes we are, but hopefully not spoiled rotten. Just trying to make good use of our APs. After the sept trip, we will wait until Dec 2009 before taking another trip.

This trip we are staying at AKV and VWL, so we are eating several meals at the resorts. Just love not having to worry about transporation for our meals. Come sept we plan to do like you, most meals at Epcot.


leslieh – the Bakery is terrific for CS sweet breakfasts, but I believe if you are wanting savory breakfast, you will need to run into one of the neighboring hotels that have CS for that – Beach Club, Swan, etc.


We got a hot breakfast sandwich there last summer, it was an egg on toast type thing.


Well… there was the 5-stop bus thing when I was there last year around Christmas/New Year’s.

idc, though… Epcot area resorts are my favorite. I feel so close to everything. I like walking, and you can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios from the Boardwalk… can’t beat that! (Okay… I admit… taking a monorail to Epcot and Magic Kingdom is also convenient.)


I tend to have a car at the BW, but the only time I really feel the need to “drive” to a park is for AK. The busses, to my knowledge, still serve all of the epcot resorts (BW/BC/YC/Swan/Dolphin), so there are several stops. Occassionally they’ll split up the busses and have a BW/BC/YC bus and Swan/dolphin bus.

When it comes to MK, I do the walk-thru-Epcot thing and take the monorail; just seems more “disney” to me that way, I guess. I walk or boat to MGM and walk to Epcot.

Counter service is tough at the Boardwalk, but you can always walk into epcot for a quick bite. As for breakfast, there are some places open on the Boardwalk in the morning, but it’s slim pickins. Don’t forget that they serve a small breakfast in the bar at the Boardwalk Inn as well (I believe it’s free…).


That sounds great. Wish I had one now. I mean, I wish I had one now… at WDW!


What about Spoodles for a hot breakfast.


Last week, the AK bus was shared by all 5 resorts.
I’m trying to recall if the MK bus was shared by all 5 as well, and I’m almost certain it was. However all summer and into September as well as during December the buses are split Yacht/Beach and Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin.
The bakery and the pizza window are the only walk ups at the Boardwalk and the Yacht/Beach is very deficient in the walk up department as well.
The bakery does also serve paninis besides baked goods and snacks.


I have to admit the bus thing can be annoying. There are SO many stops.:pinch: We always walk to Epcot and even the Studios - it seems faster than the boats.

As for breakfast - the Bakery is usually our stop - in fact, sometimes I pick up stuff the night before and we eat it in the room - we’re not really big breakfast people… If you’re headed for Epcot first thing in the morning the Sunshine Seasons Food Court in The Land has great breakfast selections. Get your fastpasses for Soarin’ (or ride it if you’re lucky) then have breakfast, and finish off the rest of The Land Pavillion.


Thanks everybody- my countdown is 17 days and we can’t wait to get on that plane!! I didn’t know Spoodles served breakfast. Actually, I never thought about it before now.

Interestingly, since the BW quiet pool is closed through May 5th for refurbishment, we’ll be able to use Stormalong Bay! (in addition to the Luna pool). I don’t think I’ll be able to get the kids to the parks!!